Are You Disappointed With Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is, as you know, a Hallmark created holiday to honor your loved ones. Single people hate this holiday, but it turns out that they’re not the only ones.

A new study conducted by has concluded that the majority of people in relationships are disappointed with what their significant other’s get them for Valentine’s Day.

The study states that about 65% of Americans plan to give the gift of a nicer than usual dinner date, but only 48% of people want dinner as a gift. 37% of those in relationships plan to give flowers to their significant other, and only 20% of these recipients actually want flowers.

Hmm, sounds a little rude doesn’t it? I mean, after all, Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday. You should be showing your significant other that you love them every day, so why be disappointed with what you receive as a gift.

Better yet, why should you even expect a gift? What do you think?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images