5 Different Types Of Love (And Breakups) You Need To Have In Your 20s

by Maheen Khan

LOVE: 1. A great feeling of affection; 2. A great interest or pleasure in something.

Sure, there are a lot of ways you can define love, but how do you define things like weak knees?

What about the endless smiling and the constant feeling of joy and contentment, or the kisses that make you lose control?

There are many different kinds of love we encounter in our 20s, and they definitely leave a mark.

Most of us might have different definitions of love. And truly, how each of us defines love depends on how we met love.

Here are a few types of love you may have encountered:

1. The honeymoon phase

This is the sweetest kind of love. It's for the ones who have just fallen in love, or who have that hopeless crush.

You meet someone and you both just click and you can barely keep your hands off each other.

The relationship is new and you are still getting to know each other; the excitement to see him or her drives you crazy.

There are painstakingly long hours put into looking perfect for each date, and your knees become jelly at each shy glance from across the room.

And then, there are the "butterflies." Oh, so many butterflies. It's perfect. Whether it works out or not is something time will decide, but for now, this love is the only thing on your mind.

2. Everlasting love

For those who have been in love too long and have built a foundation of trust and commitment, love is security.

You know after a hard day at work, you can go home and curl up with "the one" and realize everything is okay.

You can be in a room full of people who you don't know, but you feel safe because you are never alone in your heart.

It is knowing her favorite color and the funny story about his mom turning a red velvet cake green because that's the only food color she had on his 11th birthday.

You feel at home when you're with him or her.

3. Awaiting love

For the one's who haven't found love, it's the little red dress you buy for yourself because you worked too hard the past month.

It is having faith and hope that your solitude is better than being with the wrong person. It is the way you love and respect yourself.

Demand nothing less than the same from someone else.

Maybe you will not give up your dreams just to belong to someone else. Love is what you see in the romantic movies and wish to live someday. You're still holding out hope.

4. Lost love

Then there are the ones who are cursed: the wretched lovers who found love, but with the wrong person or at the wrong time.

It always felt so right at the time. Love is the heartache, the broken pieces and the pain and storm in your eyes, which never seems to calm.

It is wishing someone the best with his or her life as you sadly let him or her go.

5. Pure Love

Love is a beautiful feeling and it does not necessarily have to be experienced with a significant other. Sometimes you find love in the simplest of things.

It can be the way your dog greets you after you come home, or it can be that phone call you receive every Saturday from your mom.

You can even see it in the joy in the eyes of a kid eating a popsicle. Love is when you're sick and your best friend cancels her plans to stay back and take care of the snot machine you've turned into.

This, in fact, is the purest kind of love, and you can find it in the smallest ways.

We try and try to understand and wrap our heads around it, but the truth is, we never fully understand love.

You can understand love only as much as you have felt it, only as much as you have seen it and only as much as you have experienced it.

Some of us have seen the beautiful side of it and some of us have seen the ugly side. Either way, it's a beautiful thing.

No matter what kind of love you have experienced or even if you have never known love at all, we all crave the warmth and the joy that comes with it.

So, how do you define love?

Love is a feeling beyond being defined. It cannot be defined with the many definitions that the mind comes up with; it's simply what the heart feels.

We all know that when it comes knocking on our doors, it changes the dimensions of our very own personal universes.

When it leaves, it takes away a part of us we will never get back, but it also gives us something: an experience, a lesson, a memory or a different way of looking at things.

So, go on and let that heart out of that cage and let love come through that door. A life not lived with love is a life not lived at all.