Good Guys Do Exist — Just Not Until After College

If you have a theory that every guy is an assh*le, you are wrong. Many of us girls go through that phase when we completely hate men and blame today's culture, saying things along the lines of, "There are no good ones left." Or, "No one has any respect anymore."

This is false.

Yes, the culture has changed quite a bit from the days of our parents courting one another and asking permission to go on dates. Guys no longer come to the door with flowers, but instead, text when to meet up at a mutual place.

Many aspects of dating have changed, but there still good guys out there. You just can't allow the current culture make you settle for less.

Throughout college, I admit that I did this, and I think many of us do the same. But, going into the real world as they call it, I find myself between a world of immaturity and adulthood.

The one thing I have found to be true is that with time and higher expectations, guys grow up and come to meet the standards of today's woman, so long as she doesn't lower them.

I now associate myself with guys who pay for every drink when I'm out, hold open doors and are attentive. The blurred lines and games have ended because, well, we are adults now.

I find the guys who make sure I'm okay. They don't look at me as an opportunity, but instead, an opportunity to prove they are gentlemen. They take me home when I've had to much to drink, hold back my hair if I get sick and put me to sleep with water at my bedside.

Good guys do exist. I am certain of it.

Dates with good guys exist, too. The world of showing up on time at nice restaurant, opening doors, pulling out chairs and paying for meals still exists; you just need to associate yourself with people who share those same values.

It comes with age, I think. College is like a snow globe inside a bigger world. And, inside that snow globe, there are rules that are acceptable and don't fly in the bigger world.

But, there is a world of respect outside of that snow globe. I've come to learn that, for me, they come in the form of business attire on train rides and preppy boat shoes on weekends with matching khakis.

They buy me drinks without looking at their bank accounts until the weekend is over. They hold doors for me on the way out, too. They text me first if they are interested and commit to me quickly if it is, in fact, right.

Good guys do exist. And, to anyone who thinks differently, I challenge you to spend one night with me so I can prove it.