10 Needless Dating Trends Millennials Should Finally Put An End To

Dating is hard enough without a list of rules to live by.

The world has progressed by studying history and learning from it, not repeating it.

So why should we copy and paste the typical dating trends over and over for the next generation to pick up?

Hopefully, the next generation will learn that dating should be fun, not full of expectations.

We're Millennials; we're all about change.

Let's start something different, doing what feels comfortable. It's time for a change in these trends.

1. Using Facebook to make things official.

We don't need social media to confirm our feelings.

The previous weeks of "no, you hang up first" each night on the phone can count.

If we've said it's official, it's official then, not by the timestamp on our Facebook wall.

We can use a relationship status as a way to keep our friends and family updated... And maybe a little bit for bragging rights because our baes are so awesome.

2. Using Facebook to make things unofficial.

Deleting a relationship status on Facebook can be embarrassing, so let's hide it.

The people important to us will know, but the whole world doesn't need to.

It's typically not the better option and will not teach someone the lesson we're striving to have anyway.

That lack of courage will make our Facebook pages look like breaking news on a gossip site.

3. Keeping memories solely online.

Throw some of those memories into a memory jar, a shoe box or a photo album.

Despite what our teachers have burned into our brains, sometimes the Internet isn't forever.

Some websites are shut down and with that, so are our visual proof of memories.

4. Having an argument over text.

This is such a big mistake that can most times be avoided. Texting while we're feeling overwhelmed with anger is easy, but it makes everything much more intense.

Hearing a person's tone over typed words is like trying to see after turning the lights come on during a movie; we kind of know what's going on, but not completely.

If we can't avoid it, we need to try to keep our cool until things are figured out.

5. Millennials using joint Facebook accounts.

If you don't have a joint bank account, don't use a joint Facebook.

Or do! While it can get complicated sharing a Facebook account with a SO, if that's what makes sense for you, do it.

6. The three-day rule.

We have to look at the facts. It's nearly impossible to wait three days to talk to someone after a date in a generation that uses so many ways to communicate.

The idea behind the "three-day rule" is to make sure it's is what we really want, but a set schedule is too complicated.

Each person we date effects us differently, so the amount of time we spend reflecting on that should vary, too.

Definitely step back from the situation and see if it feels right.

Whether it takes three days or maybe even more, go ahead and send that person a text, direct message or a hologram message (because we know that has to be coming soon).

7. Giving up if they don't "give it up" on the third date.

Again, in a changing Millennium, there is a shrinking need to wait a set amount of days to do something we feel is right.

If someone isn't ready to mess around after the third date, it doesn't necessarily mean the person isn't interested.

Being comfortable with someone is important before reaching that intimate level.

Not all of us have been brainwashed to wait until a certain amount of dates like it's a ceremonial ritual into a relationship.

8. Tediously shaming a SO on social media.

It's embarrassing to watch someone air out his or her dirty laundry while we're scrolling through cute puppy pictures.

Not to mention, it's super confusing to keep up with.

We're involving everyone and their mothers in something we often don't mean to.  No really: Moms are definitely on your friend's list and they see everything.

In the same breath, sometimes we need social media to vent when we have no one else.

It isn't the brightest idea, but it becomes an option when the rage blinds us.

9. Expecting men to pay for the date.

On that note, gender stereotypes in dating should be abolished.

Women aren't the helpless, jobless princesses they've been made out to be in the past.

It's always nice to be treated to a date, but why should the man always be expected to cough up the dough?

There's also no shame in splitting the check. What's important is the time we spend with someone and the connection that is made.

10. Using social media to make a SO jealous.

Not everyone goes crawling back with envy of what a fantastic life our lovers have been living.

If that person is happy without us, fine. Clearly, someone else can do a better job, so maybe they should.

Sure, it will hurt, but posting pictures of half-naked guys or girls hanging out and getting sloppy together will push us away or break our trust.

Feel free add anything else in the comments section. Remember, we don't have to stick to these expectations if we don't want to.