12 Times Your Dad Should've Disowned You For Your Dumb Dating Mistakes

The idea of getting dating advice from your dad might be terrifying.

Your father might be the last person you want to know about your problems with women.

Nevertheless, you wouldn't even exist if your dad didn't know anything about the dos and don'ts of dating.

He might be behind the times in certain aspects of life, but the laws of attraction haven't altered since he was single. Whatever worked for him will still work for you.

He may have made the same dumb mistakes that the current generation of guys are making on dates, too. The only difference is your dad eventually learned what works with women.

Here are 12 dumb dating mistakes our dads should disown us for making:

1. Not asking her out

Your dad didn't have online dating or a smartphone. When he saw a sexy woman, he knew he might not meet another like her for a few weeks. That taught him to take action there and then.

We have an abundance of available females at our fingertips, but that has led to fewer of us asking out ladies in real life.

Wherever you see that beautiful lady, have the balls to invite her out.

2. Failing to make an effort

Dating might be less of a big deal than in your dad's day, but that doesn't mean you don't have to find a fun venue, turn up on time or make an effort to be enthusiastic.

These have always been the essentials for an entertaining date.

3. Dressing like a scrub

First dates have become more casual nowadays, but that's no excuse not to make an effort on your appearance.

A shave, a fitted shirt and a clean pair of shoes go a long way.

4. Indecisiveness

Decisiveness is one of the most attractive aspects of a man's personality. It proves you can look after a lady, and ultimately, her family.

If you have dreams of one day becoming a dad yourself, then be decisive about what you're doing on a date.

5. Bad hygiene

Your parents should have taught basic hygiene before you started school.

There's no excuse not to shower, brush your teeth or wear clean clothes.

6. Ignoring chivalry

Old-school chivalry, like pulling out chairs and opening doors was essential dating etiquette in your dad's era.

To this day, girls still appreciate these gestures. It's always good to make your girl feel special.

7. Self-depreciation

A proud father could easily reel off a plethora of your positive qualities, so why can't you?

Silly self-deprecating comments that aren't true can be humorous, but deliberately highlighting your flaws on a first date is a bad idea.

8. Girly drinks

I'm not sure alcopops or cosmopolitans even existed in my dad's day, but I do know dudes weren't drinking them.

Your dad never experienced the metrosexual fad and neither should you. Try and stick to manlier drinks.

9. Bad manners

Manners don't cost a thing, but bad manners will almost always cost you a second date, so remember what your parents taught you about eating at the table.

Being a gentleman never goes out of style either, so make sure you're super-polite to your waiter/waitress and tip well.

10. Chickening out of a kiss

No father is proud of this.

They want their kids to be go-getters, and a woman wants the same from her date.

If you like her, go for the kiss. If she's not ready, she'll give you her cheek, but she'll respect the guy who tries more than the timid dude who was too shy.

11. Unprotected sex

Most parents are cool with their sons having sex, provided they use protection, so take a couple of condoms out on every date.

12. Settling for the first girl who likes you

Deep down, your dad hates when you date a girl who's not good enough for you.

He wants to tell you how he met a multitude of women, but waited for a truly magnificent woman to settle down with.

So, even if the date goes terrifically, take your time before deciding she's "meet the parents" material.