11 Dating Mistakes Only Millennials Make

by Laura Wigodner
Vera Lair

When it comes to dating, people of all ages make mistakes, but Millennials seem to make the most mistakes, due to lack of experience, along with the influences of their age group.

While some of these mistakes may be seen as a negative thing, they can also be seen as a way to grow and learn.

Sometimes, Millennials have to make these mistakes in order to realize what to do the next time around. Here are 11 dating mistakes only Millennials make:

1. Moving too fast.

Millennials feel the need to jump into a relationship with the first person they meet. They feel pressured to be involved in something serious, so they tend to push their relationship to move at a faster speed. They don't fully understand the concept of going on dates here and there with a variety of people.

2. Tinder.

Tinder and other dating apps/websites are used a lot by Millennials for many reasons. While some may use these for hooking up, others use them in attempt to meet their soulmate. Sometimes they do get lucky and meet someone great, but overall, taking these apps seriously is one of the bigger mistakes Millennials make. They should learn how to meet people in person, rather than through a screen.

3. Overusing social media.

Millennials love to brag on social media whenever they're in a relationship. While this is sometimes bearable, at most times it's overwhelming. They feel like the only way for a relationship to be official is if it's “Facebook official,” which, to put it bluntly, is just plain old stupid. Millennials don't realize their relationship is still valid even if it's not shown on social media.

4. Texting constantly.

While in a relationship, Millennials usually feel the need for constant communication with their significant other. They don't realize that this can actually turn into something unhealthy. If a couple is constantly texting one another, it gets old really fast, and seeing each other in person won't feel as special anymore.

5. Taking jealousy to the next level.

For some reason, Millennials have a lot of trust issues in relationships. A lot of times, they'll go as far as looking at their significant other's phone to see who they're talking to. Or they'll be concerned if their significant other has a friend of the opposite sex. These things can only lead to destruction.

6. Hooking up.

Millennials basically created the hookup culture, and they shouldn't be proud of it. While it's okay to live life however you please, it's not okay to brag about all your hookups or use hookups as a way to make yourself feel whole. It's a mistake a lot of Millennials make because they're afraid of commitment, and they think this will help them, but in reality, it's only hurting them.

7. Having high expectations.

The movies give Millennials a mindset of what relationships “should” be like, so they tend to not be satisfied in their relationships. They don't realize life is in fact not like the movies, and that they shouldn't expect to have a perfect fairytale romance.

8. Settling due to the fear of being alone.

This one goes along with moving too fast. Millennials feel like they have to find someone as soon as possible because otherwise they'll be alone forever. They don't understand that they're still young and have plenty of time to find who they're going to be with. This especially happens when all of their friends are in relationships.

9. Playing “games.”

When it comes to dating and flirting, Millennials love to play games. They aren't usually the type of people who are straight up honest about liking someone; they usually have to beat around the bush, or play with the person's mind for a while. Even while in relationships, some Millennials continue these childish mind games, because they don't fully understand how to be in a mature relationship.

10. Forgiving too easily.

When a Millennial's significant other makes a significant mistake in the relationship, such as cheating, they are usually faster to forgive than other generations. This is due to a combination of not wanting to be alone, and due to the fact that they try to ignore any problems in their relationship. This clearly is very unhealthy, and it's difficult for a Millennial to walk away from the situation.

11. Disrespectful breakups.

Millennials not only founded the hookup culture, but they also created the text message breakup. Millennials like to take the easy way out, and use text messages or social media in order to end a relationship. Face to face breakups freak them out so much, they usually try to avoid them. They don't fully understand how to respectfully end ties with someone.