Dating In College Is The Worst, And This Video Proves It

When it comes to dating in college, horror stories basically come with the diploma.

Sure, dating can be a struggle at any age, but there's just something about the combination of newfound freedom, frat parties, jungle juice and co-ed dorms that doesn't often add up to finding true love.

Squad, a group dating app that aims to take some of the awkward out of the equation by letting you and your friends match with other squads instead of going at it solo, took to the streets to ask students what it's really like to date in college.

The resulting quotes are probably some of the most relatable you'll ever read.

"What is the dating life like in college?"


*Cue laughter and tears.*

 "Not a thing. Everyone is gay or taken, honestly... or creepy."


So. Many. Choices.

"I haven't found anyone yet... hopefully eventually... before I turn, like, 30."


Thirty gives you enough time to get over that date who puked on you at formal, right?

"You're never really, like, meeting people you wanna meet. You're just meeting people that... happen to be at the party."


Just because we both showed up to the theme party dressed in duct tape doesn't mean we have anything in common, OK?

"Creepy drunk people."


Those three words.

"It's hard to meet people that are... outside of your major."


Oh, you're majoring in fashion marketing? Have fun dying alone.

"Who meets people on Tinder to go study for math?!"



Watch the rest of the video up top -- and good luck out there, my brave, single friends.