Crazy In Love: 7 Signs You're The Hopeless Romantic Among Your Friends

by The Ambrose Girls

Urban Dictionary defines a “hopeless romantic” as a person who is in love with love. That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Hopeless romantics are people who, first of all, believe in love, and second of all, are madly and passionately in love with anything that has to deal with love and love stories. They are imaginative and vibrant about this passion, and make love look like a mystical fantasy world.

As two young ladies who thrive and live with this description, we get what it's really like. As glamourous as it is, there can be some serious hardships in our world of bursting hearts and cupid arrows. It can be a tough life.

From having fallen in love more times than we can count, to always holding out hope for the next one, it can get exhausting. These are the times our perfect, rose-colored lenses can get a little foggy.

These are the ails of a hopeless romantic:

1. You think everything means something.

You see “signs” everywhere. If you are thinking about a guy the same minute he texts you, you think it is meant to be.

Hell, if a wrong number calls you, and the caller's name is the Spanish version of your love interest's name, you are sure the world is telling you this one is forever.

2. Your friends think you’re an alien.

You love your girls to pieces, but they just do not get you.

When you say you are in love after two dates, they are ready to send you to an insane asylum. In spite of them, you are dead sure you are in love, and there is nothing they can do to bring you down to earth.

3. You get absolutely devastated by everything.

You can’t have relationships without an emotional mini-drama occurring as a result.

How in the hell did he miss the memo that you guys were supposed to spend not only the next day together, but the rest of your lives together as well?

4. You put your eggs in one basket.

When you like a guy, you halt the world for him. After date number one, you begin acting like you are dating this man.

When you're out with your girlfriends, you don’t even engage in flirting with randoms because you are just so sure your guy is the right one.

You can't risk even one misstep due to this new love interest.

5. You’re the friend who encourages any and all dating behaviors.

Even if your girlfriend comes to you heartbroken over an assh*le, you’re the one who pats her on the back and tells her you really believe he still loves her.

You are the constant believer in "love conquers all," so you convince her this is just a fluke in what will become a miraculous love story. This can either be really good or really bad.

6. You think about your past failed relationships constantly.

Your exes will always hold a place in your heart, especially the serious ones. You still think and dream about them all the time.

The is not necessarily because you want to get back together with them, but because your romance was a whirlwind, of course.

7. You creep on random wedding and engagement photos.

When you're bored, you find yourself opening any and all thumbnails on your Facebook newsfeed that appears to show a happy couple celebrating something.

You just love hearing about love stories.

We feel as though we speak for all the true hopeless romantics when we say that this tormented, yet awesome part of our being is not going anywhere anytime soon.

So embrace your optimism. Especially since all real love stories involve a hopeless romantic, don't they?