What Every Man Should Know About Dating A Driven Woman

by Shelly Greenstein
Darren Star Productions

We all know there are two kinds of people in this world: those who have the way paved for them when it comes to anything and everything, and those who literally need to fight and strive for each and every thing they ever wanted or needed.

Women were put into this world second, after men, and now we need to fight and strive to burn that idea into the ground.

That's why many women you meet today don't let anyone get in their way when it comes to their goals.

The only thing people seem to forget is we're like this for a good reason. If we weren't as driven, we wouldn't get to where we need to be.

There are certain things one needs to know before entering into a relationship with an extremely driven woman. I, being a driven woman myself, can definitely say that being in a relationship with me isn't much of a picnic as much as it is a slight struggle.

Once you have the hang of it, though, dating a driven woman is immensely rewarding, just as much as it is entertaining.

Here are some things you should know to help you along the way:

You can't always get what you want.

Dating a girl who has blinders on to enable her to achieve her ultimate goal can be challenging when it comes to the things you need from her.

The thing is, you need to be able to realize she will put her drive first, before your small personal needs.

You should fully understand and respect that her things are just as important as your things.

Do for her what she would do for you.

You know that if there were anything you ever required of your girl, she would do it for you in a heartbeat if she were capable.

All we ask of you is to do the same. The thing with driven women is they aren't just driven in their work lives, but also in their personal lives.

This means that as much effort as she puts into her career, she puts into your relationship. This should inspire you to try and do the same.

The little things matter.

You might think it doesn't matter what you're having for dinner or what movie you're going to see, but it really does.

Seemingly small things to a driven person matter just as much as everything else, and we put just as much effort into the stupid sh*t as we do the important.

Sweating the small stuff is extremely beneficial in the long run -- remember that!

Understand that you aren't her only priority.

You may be her top priority, but you aren't her only top priority.

The minute you start to realize you aren't the only thing in your woman's life, the minute your relationship will exist with less resentment.

If you keep putting yourself at the top of her to-do list, bad feelings are going to start to form in your relationship, which won't be good in the grand scheme of things.

Sometimes you'll need to help her calm down.

When a woman is extremely motivated to accomplish a huge objective, sometimes she forgets to pause for a minute and take a breather.

I personally am not capable, sometimes, to just stop, breathe and remember everything is going to work out in time.

That's when we count on our significant others to remind us everything is going to be okay, and we are going to succeed eventually.

Everything she does is for the both of you.

You might think her overall aim is self-motivated, but the reality is, she's doing everything for you just as much as she is for herself.

She might have her own goals laid out on the table, but she also thinks about how every accomplishment will affect both you and her together.

She will explain to you everything she wants in her life right off the bat just to make sure you're up for it.

The minute you confirm you want the same things she does, she will always have you in mind every step of the way.

She needs you just as much as you need her.

Sometimes, you are going to feel second-best when you're around her, but that's when you're going to need to remind yourself you are just as awesome.

At the end of the day, someone aiming for success in such an immense way wouldn't be dating a loser, so obviously you're doing something right. The most important thing is to not forget that.