How You Treat Your Dog Shows Exactly What Kind Of SO You'll Be

by Demitria Castanon

You can tell exactly what people are like by how they take care of their dogs. Do they just like the idea of having a dog, or do they actually care, love and play with it?

For the most part, it's extremely attractive to women when a man owns a dog. This is mostly because owning a dog shouts to the world you aren't afraid of commitment, and you love to snuggle. As a single woman, those two things are very hard to resist.

Owning a dog automatically means your guy is dependable, responsible and loving. At least, that's what I used to think. I used to think if a guy had a dog, he's automatically the best guy in the world because he's selfless and responsible. Makes sense, right? Well, this may not ring true for every case.

I have a lot of friends (both men and women) who own friendly canines, but not all canine lives are treated equally. Some leave their dogs inside the house all day long, while others bring their pups with them everywhere they go, as if they're accessories to life.

Which owner are you? Better yet, which owner is your future SO?

1. Behavioral Training

One thing most women look at is how well-behaved the dog is. Does the pup listen to your guy? Does it fly off the leash the second the grip is softened?

This may mean your beau isn't the best communicator, or is so forceful with his animal that the dog feels the needs to bolt away at its first opportunity. Will you want to bolt away the second he looks away?

2. Food

What types of food does this guy feed his best friend? If he feeds it the most inexpensive stuff he can find (which is probably full of preservatives and very low in nutritional value), that's probably a red flag your man is cheap, and he has been that way for a while.

3. Play

Does he play with the dog outside of the house? If so, then he's a good companion just looking for someone else to join in on the fun.

We all remember those house party dogs from our college years that are fed alcohol and get high by either second-hand smoke, or partygoers blowing smoke into the poor thing's ears. I don't know about you, but that is not how I'd want to be treated.

If your man treats his dog like a frat bro instead of the puppy it really is, you might want to see yourself out of this relationship. It doesn't bode well for your man's maturity.

4. Overall Treatment

The way his pet is treated is a reflection of how he'll treat you. Would he love you at first lick, but leave you when a cuter dog comes along? Will he take you outside of the house and into the public? Will he cuddle with you until you fall asleep?

If he gifts his pooch with toys, includes the dog in hikes with friends or even exercises with his dog routinely, then all signs point to perfect boyfriend material.

If he takes his dog in for routine vet visits, that means he cares about the health and well-being of his pup and is financially responsible. Let me tell you, vet bills are not cheap. My last boyfriend wouldn't take his flea invested, bloody-palmed dog to the vet, even after I offered to pay for the appointment. Actions speak louder than words, and so do vet visits.

Next time you meet a guy with a dog, take a second to analyze their relationship. Your potential SO's true colors will show, bright and clear.