What Dating A Mama's Boy Is Really Like, According To 9 Women

Simone Becchetti

Have you ever tried to date a mama's boy? I have.

It's literally impossible because no matter how much the guy loves you, his girlfriend, you will always have to try to beat out his mom in a contest for attention.

And you usually end up losing because he'd DIE for his mama, but he may not necessarily die for you.

A guy I once dated wanted to bring his mom with us everywhere we went. Like, even on movie dates and shopping dates.

Apparently, my opinion on which clothes he should buy wasn't enough for him. He also needed the opinion of his mom.

Listen, I get it. I love my mom to the ends of the earth, too. But there's a line, and most of the time, the mama's boy is crossing it.

Once you date a mama's boy, you're either stuck dating him forever because his mother will kill you if you break up with him, or you'll somehow find your way out of it, vowing to never date a mama's boy ever again.

My general word of advice is this: Don't get yourself involved with one.

But just in case you were wondering, here are nine people on what it's like to date one:

Sex is, uh, awkward:

The girlfriend always comes second to the mom:

He just refuses to leave his mom's basement:

It really just feels like you're dating the family:

Or worse, it's like your third wheeling:

And when he shows his mom every text, it's time to dip out:

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