7 Reasons It's Best To Date A Stoner Girl If You're New To Commitment

by Gichele

If you want the best girlfriend or wife in the world, you should consider dating a stoner.

She will likely turn into the girl of your dreams.

Here are the reasons why:

1. She knows how to share.

"Puff puff, pass" is more than just a colloquial phrase; it’s a philosophy.

Stoners know how to share, and they like to do so.

Your girl will always be willing to give you what she has because she knows that eventually, the love will come back to her.

You can expect that she will share everything, from her stash to her philosophy on existentialism.

Not to mention, you will love her snacks.

She likely is stocked with every possible munchies solution imaginable, and she is down to share.

Just remember: The love needs to come back around.

She sees when someone is holding and not passing. This will totally get you shut out.

2. She is open.

Want a girl to listen to your deepest desires and dreams?

She will discuss both the imaginary and the real.

She is ready to explore your interests and at least discuss that sex thing you've always wanted to try.

You have to worry a lot less about being judged. She is over judging people for what they want to do or like.

But don’t be afraid to be a clown, either. She's all about the jokes.

3. She doesn’t give a sh*t.

She's usually stoned and has more interesting things on her mind than worrying about the fact you were late when you picked her up.

In fact, she may just change her mind altogether and do something else.

She might even completely forget you were coming and make other plans.

Regardless, it will be your loss in the end.

4. She is happy.

No one knows an angry stoner, and she isn’t depending on you for her joy.

She already knows what makes her happy and the path to her bliss.

Getting high isn’t the source of her happiness.

However, it has helped her reach the depths of her mind to discover what likes.

You hopefully will be a source of joy, but you definitely will not be the primary source.

This should be a relief, but it also means she knows when you're no longer a source of joy.

5. Your friends will dig her.

Perhaps too much.

She is the epitome of what every guy wants.

She is chill, she rolls with the punches and she can keep up with the sarcasm.

Best of all? She isn’t sweating you or anything else.

You want a night out with the guys? Cool.

She's just fine chilling with her people (or with Mary Jane and Netflix).

6. The lovin’ is good.

There are a few drugs that help with sex, and pot is definitely one of them.

While it may be good for your stoner, it will be better for you as well.

Just imagine: Everything gets more intense and less inhibited.

7. When it's over, it's over.

Don’t expect your stoner girl to stalk you, slash the tires of your car or stalk your new, less cool chick on social media.

Her f*cks are limited, and when you prove to be unworthy, she will let you know and let you go.

She has spent plenty of time talking about what she wants and needs with you.

So if you can't man up, that’s your problem.