12 Reasons You Should Date The Retired Party Girl

by Gigi Engle

There is a time in every party girl's life when she realizes it’s time to kiss the high heels, tight dresses, glitter and dimly lit dance floors goodbye.

We come to the realization that this lifestyle isn't sustainable. We get a little older -- a little more mature, a lot more jaded -- and suddenly that carefree existence no longer makes much sense.

We take those lessons learned and mistakes made, and we make the f*ck on with our life.

Being a party girl made me stronger. It showed me want I wanted out of life: more. It showed me I’m capable of having fun in a crowd, but I’m also capable of making massive gains in the boardroom, at home and in my romantic life.

Retired party girls make killer girlfriends. We’re impassioned, interesting and full of life. At the same time, we have a good head on our shoulders. We’re at a place in our lives where we’re finished screwing around and are ready for something real.

We know how to live and how to love.

Here are 12 reasons to date the retired party girl:

1. She can hold her liquor.

If there is one thing a party girl can handle, it is alcohol.

A former party girl spent her youth with a champagne bottle in hand. She'll be the one impressing all your friends when she can keep up with their whiskey consumption late into the night.

2. She knows what she wants.

For her, the days of late-night clubbing, disco balls and faux fur have been replaced with a desire for something real. She willingly chose to give up the party life because she made the conscious choice to seek more out of life.

She knows what she wants, and she's willing to work to get it.

3. She has the best stories.

She will never have trouble keeping you rapt with attention as she regales you with tales of parties past. Her former life was one full of glitter, loud music and eclectic people from all walks of life.

She flies by the seat of her pants, and that makes for the best story material.

4. She's adventurous.

Life with a party girl is never boring. Her fearlessness is utterly intoxicating. She’s never one to say no to trying something new.

After all, she used to climb on tabletops, so why not climb mountains?

5. She knows her limits.

She'll be the first to tell you she was a reckless, carefree girl. She's seen some sh*t, and she'll tell you stories that will make your arm hair stand up.

After everything she was exposed to in her party life, she is well-aware that she is mortal. Now she's aware of her limits.

6. She will always be the life of the party.

No one will ever accuse your girlfriend of being boring. Wherever you take her, she will flourish. Since she grew up surrounded by people, she’s instantly comfortable in a crowd.

7. She knows her style.

Once the party girl realizes the club lights aren’t on forever, she gets rid of the bandage dresses and starts to hone in on her personal style. Now she can rock a blazer just as well as any leather miniskirt.

8. She can work under pressure.

A reformed party girl is great under pressure because she has literally gotten through so much worse.

After countless hangover days, completing assignments on zero sleep and endless nights of dancing followed by a full day of work, she knows how to get sh*t done, especially at work.

9. She's looking for something real.

She is over her bad-boy phase -- she's been there, done that. After so many years of chasing assh*les and making mistakes, she's learned from them.

She's looking for a partner, not a playboy. She wants someone to come home to, someone to be there for her and someone to spend her life loving.

She may have been a party girl, but now she's looking for something deeper than a club brat.

10. She genuinely wants to stay in with you.

She chose to give up the club life. She already did the glitz and glamour. And that life is in the past.

Sure, she wouldn't trade it for the world, and she’s going to have FOMO sometimes, but she's completely kicked off the stilettos for the fuzzy slippers.

Now she's all about being an adult and embracing the future. She just makes staying in more fun.

11. She's very self-aware.

She fully understands that f*cking up and getting f*cked up come with the territory of being a party girl, so she has a master’s degree in making mistakes.

Now that she spent her life getting to know herself, she always thinks before she acts.

12. She has her sh*t together.

A retired party has already done all the socializing, the drinking and making connections. She's finished with that and has moved on to conquering the boardroom instead of the dance floor. She knows what it takes to function as an adult.

She's finished being a hot mess and is ready to be an adult.