Natural: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Goes Makeup-Free

by Valerie Downey

Makeup plays more of a role in our lives than we choose to believe (or dare to admit). From tribal villages to models on billboards, people have always placed an importance on decorating their faces and beautifying themselves, especially for celebrations.

In recent years, women have made a conscious effort to push the natural look as the ideal image of femininity. It's an easier and cheaper way for women to feel comfortable in the skin they're in, so putting the paint away really is a win-win.

Of course, I believe in the wonders of makeup. Blush saves me from looking ghostly during dark winters, and I love a bit of mascara.

I understand why some women are more comfortable with makeup on. It's hard not to when we feel the need to live up to such unrealistic standards of beauty.

Makeup can also be a relaxing and effective routine to help us wake up, and it can mentally prepare us for the day.

But I think there's a major difference between accentuating your features with makeup every once in a while, and slathering on layers of foundation, powder, eyeliner and gloss onto your face every day, for no other reason than to attract men.

Sadly, many guys will check out women who do the latter. Maybe it's because they can’t differentiate between a natural glow and a caked face, but I don't think that is reason enough for us to spend extra hours making ourselves up.

So without further ado, I'm here to make a case for the women who wear minimal makeup, or even go sans makeup the majority of the time. We're the real deal, and you'd be lucky to have us.

1. You know what you're getting.

If you're attracted to us at the bar, you'll be attracted to us in the morning.

Why? Because we'll look exactly the same.

Isn't that a relief?

2. There is no façade.

We're not hiding behind anything because we don't feel like there's anything to hide. We're pretty and awesome, and we know our assets.

Sure, we have our self-conscious days (as we all do), but we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and confront them fresh-faced.

3. We're confident.

You don't have to tiptoe around our feelings. You can tell us you don't like it when we do this or that, without us becoming offended.

We can deal with constructive criticism because we are comfortable in our own skin. This makes us less defensive about the small things.

4. We give it to you straight.

If we don't lie to you about the contours of our faces, then chances are that we don't lie to you about other areas of our lives.

5. We're simple.

You know how the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, if your windows are constantly covered with expensive, shiny sparkles and glam, you probably value the superficial things in life.

You don't have to supply the glitz and glam in our lives!

We're perfectly happy chowing down on some barbecued chicken and powdered doughnuts, and when we do, we won't be afraid of ruining our makeup.

6. We're down-to-earth.

Having said that, we also don't expect you to go overboard with jewelry every birthday or with roses every Valentine's Day. (One rose will do, thanks).

We're in it for the real laughs, adventures and getting down and dirty.

7. We're open books.

It's easy to know what we're thinking because there aren't any layers to hide our facial expressions. This can only be an advantage for you, no matter how inconvenient it can be for us.

8. You don't have to wait ages for us to get ready.

Yes, we're hygienic. So, you'll have to wait five minutes for us to freshen up, but you won't be held up for a solid hour because we're putting our faces on.

Time is money, and we're saving you both. You're welcome.

9. We’re free.

Do you want to go for a spontaneous swim in the summer, or have a snowball fight in the winter? We’re also up for it, and we aren’t worried about ruining our looks.

If you want women who are open and unhindered by what others think, we’re them. We've got manners and style, but we're uninhibited. This means we'll talk with food in our mouths every once in a while or laugh loudly because we're real and free.

It's more fun that way.

10. On the rare occasions we do wear makeup, we'll blow your minds.

When we feel like putting makeup on for special occasions, you'll realize exactly why you're the luckiest man on the planet. Your woman only gets better.