This Guy's Morbid AF Tinder Profile Will Make You Feel So Bad For Laughing At It

by Candice Jalili

I know Tinder isn't technically a game but, let's face it: There are winners, and there are losers. Some people have great profiles that rake in all the likes. And some people, well, let's just say they... don't. But a 20-year-old Malaysian man named Darren Go has officially just WON Tinder. How did he win Tinder, you ask? Well, Darren Go's morbid tinder profile has gone viral on the internet for its hilariously dark humor.

Tinder wasn't really doing wonders for Darren, he told BuzzFeed News. So he decided to spruce up his profile a bit. For some of us, that would probably mean posting some hotter pictures and maybe a funny line in the bio, but Darren decided to go in a different direction.

"Having a 'normal,' 'civilized,' and 'pretty' bio didn't work, [so] why not try something different?" he explained to BuzzFeed News. "So, I thought of using my dark humor and love for puns to try and find like-minded people." And... yes, it worked. In fact, it worked so well that Twitter user @naomiperrira had to take a screenshot and post it on Twitter, where it went VIRAL.

If you missed the awesome bio that went along with his picture, let me allow you to relive it:

I'm dying to meet you. When can ICU?

I mean, LOL, is this guy the king of puns or... is he the king of puns???

Needless to say, the first question was if they ever actually matched with each other.

Yep, you read that correctly. Poor Naomi never wound up getting a swipe right from Darren.

She was also pretty sure he didn't even have Twitter.

Then, like a true Cinderella story, Darren appeared on Twitter and revealed himself to his not-so-secret admirer.

In fact, his Twitter bio explains his only reason for joining Twitter was because of his newfound fame. It reads, "I only created this because I accidentally made a Tinder meme."

Then, obviously, his next step was to set the record straight and confirm that he is, in fact, alive and well.

Darren told BuzzFeed the picture was taken five years ago back in 2012, when he had surgery on his heart. And if you're wondering who in the world would take a picture of someone miserable in bed during heart surgery, the answer is his pastor. His pastor took a picture of him while he was in the ICU to show the members of his congregation he was recovering.

"One of [my friends] suggested that I should put it as my Tinder bio to gain some sympathy points," he told BuzzFeed. "So I thought I would give it a shot since my normal bios aren't working anyway."

And, boy, oh boy, did people LOVE it.

In fact, his death joke made some people pronounce themselves "dead" as well.

Needless to say, he even reeled in some prospective super likes.

That being said, Darren admits he actually didn't end up getting that many matches from the hilarious profile. Instead, he wound up with more people asking him WTF was going on.

"In terms of suitors, I did get many matches, but most of them just matched with me to ask me why I'm disrespecting myself or to just laugh and provide more puns," he told Buzzfeed News. "I'm still single and very available."

You hear that, ladies? Time to slide in this twisted dude's DMs!

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