Send these 20 cute memes to your crush right now.
These Are The 20 Cutest Memes To Send Your Person Right Now

Make ‘em say, “Aww.”

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I don’t mind saying it: Memes are my love language. No matter what stage your relationship is in, they’re an undeniably fun way to express yourself — and gauge your partner’s feelings, too. Still, finding cute memes for her or sappy tweets for him can be a challenge — there’s a lot of internet to sort through! — but it’s still worth doing some research (memesearch?).

Memes are great for keeping things light while also hinting at some legit emotions, aka they are ideal for anyone who’s still feeling out a new relationship. For example, sending a meme that makes a joke of hating having to say “goodbye” is way different than sending a deep text like, “I wish we never had to say ‘bye.’” Sure, there is a time and place for that type of vulnerability, but while you’re still dipping your toes in the water, memes can help bridge the tricky gap between protecting yourself and opening yourself up.

Of course, there’s always potential to go overboard, and you don’t want to overwhelm your partner with a ton of lovey-dovey memes right away. Still, stockpiling some sweet potentials for the right moment is never a bad idea. Read on for cute memes that are super sweet and DM-ready.

This Meme About Marriage Goals

This is my definition of true love.

This Meme About Photography Skills

If your SO doesn’t take consistently unflattering pics of you, are you even really dating?

This Meme About Feeling Sleep-Deprived

Good morning texts make the heart grow fonder.

This Meme About Not Being Able To Say Goodbye

The meme-fied version of “You hang up first!”

This Meme About Annoying Your SO

What’s a successful relationship without a few playful, annoying moments?

These Meme About Fate

Um, does this meme make anyone else thing of Taylor Swift’s “Invisible String” lyrics?

This Meme About A Long-Term Relationship

There is something so sentimental about recreating old photos. My heart!

This Meme About Wanting To Talk, But Needing To Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a necessary part of romance, right?!

This Meme About Saying How You Feel

If you’ve never felt the urge to give a PowerPoint presentation about how much you love your partner, WYD?

This Meme About Needing To Say Bye

Is there anything worse than saying goodbye to your significant other?

This Meme About Needing To Complain

One of the highlights of being in a relationship is being able to vent to each other — even if your partner isn’t always on the same page.

This Meme About Temperature Needs

Now I’m wondering if I should add my preferred house temperature to my dating app profile.

This Meme About Boyfriend Goals

Sometimes, you just need to swap shoes.

This Meme About Kitten Love

The perfect meme to DM your partner — especially if they’re a cat person.

This Meme About “What If”

An amazing example of the question game going ~slightly~ too far.

This Meme About Spilling The Tea

Forget everything else, this is now my one-and-only relationship goal.

This Meme About “Flaws”

Wait... you’re saying that you don’t think I’m perfect in every way?

This Meme About Paying Attention

Save this meme for the next time your person surprises you with a sweet memory.

This Meme About Loving Yourself

Self-love comes first!

This Meme About Miscommunications

Three explanations might be three too many. Sometimes, agreeing to disagree is the way to go.

If you’re ready to get vulnerable, but not up for an ultra-deep talk just yet, cute memes are the way to go. And this list has some of the best.