Video Of Strangers Holding Each Other Skin-To-Skin Will Make You Feel All Warm Inside


Everyone loves a good hug. Seriously, people just can't get enough of that oxytocin.

Skin-to-skin contact, whether with a best friend or a good, ol' fuck buddy, feels nice. Embracing that warmth and opportunity to be consoled is something that is hard to shy away from.

But what if you're in the presence of a complete stranger and are asked to hug it out? Are you comfortable enough to share the love even if you have no prior connection?

And what if, before you cuddle, you're asked to fling your top off?

That's exactly what did.


Recognized online for its viral video projects, such as "Truth Or Drink" and "Grandmas Smoking Weed," the company aims to blur "the boundaries between cool and friendly, smart and silly, and provocative and eye-opening."

One of their latest works, "We Asked Strangers To Hold Each Other Skin-To-Skin," falls right in that wheelhouse and will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, reports.

Five pairs of strangers, ranging from young to old, straight to gay, are matched up in the video. After standing rather spaciously across from each other, they remove their shirts (and bras, for the women) before going in for a big hug.

Surprisingly, any visible awkward tension melts away almost immediately. One woman instinctively rests her head on her partner's chest, a move she chalks up to being part of her "comfort zone" and "advantage of being five-foot-three."


That's right, fellow short people. We may not be able to reach things on the top shelf, but we definitely have the upper hand when it comes to cuddling positions.

After the couples begin switching from hugging to a prom-style embrace, they transition over to a big couch where the real conversations start to flow.

Things gradually shift from basic discussions of the weather and age to talks about their biggest fears and sexualities.


It's evident that a level of trust has been formed in the short window of time during this video. Laughter is shared, and there's a bond that you usually only see between tight-knit friends.

The act of embracing (as well as being topless) just makes things less weird. The release of oxytocin courtesy of skin-to-skin contact helps to break down any barrier or guard you have up.

This group of individuals may never have interacted if it wasn't for this video, and it's pretty eyeopening as to what could happen with a simple experiment such as one like this that asks strangers to connect on the most personal level.


A recent study has even shown that after shedding your clothes, being surrounded by other nude people will make you feel more comfortable and boost your self-esteem. You become more comfortable because of how open and freeing everyone around you is being.

First step: Topless couch encounters. Second step: Naked bike rides with nudist communities.

Where do I sign up?

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