What Your Go-To Cuddle Position Says About The Future Of Your Relationship

I don't care if you're totally in love and happy or questioning your relationship entirely, there's always a part of you that's going to wonder where things are going.

Obviously, you can sit at home analyzing all the hypothetical outcomes of your relationship with your best friend (and/or your mom).

Or, you could go down the classic "overthinking in your bed alone before you convince yourself the end is absolutely near" road.

But I'm here to suggest another route: Let your body language do the talking and let your go-to cuddle position determine where your relationship is going:

Lying flat on your backs with your head on his chest

Kylah Benes-Trapp

This is a solid dynamic that's bound to work for you guys forever.

As for you, you depend on him and feel your safest when your head is resting on his chest.

And him? He's OK with his arm falling asleep and his chest getting crushed, just so it means he can keep you safe and comfortable.

See what I mean? This dynamic WORKS.

Anytime you need saving he'll be there, and what's more? He'll be more than happy to be there.

Facing each other with your bodies completely intertwined

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Oh, baby, this is the beginning of a B-E-A-U-TIFUL romance.

Patti Wood, body language expert and author of “Success Signals, A Guide to Reading Body Language” interprets this position: “It means your lives are intertwined, that you function as a pair. You probably finish each other's sentences and take care of each other.”

All right, in terms of your future, there's two ways this could go.

On one hand, this might be a new relationship, and you're at the beginning of the "honeymoon" phase.

What does that mean for the future? You'll probably eventually transition to a less hot-and-heavy stage and have a more comfortable-and-stable bond. This isn't a bad thing, though! It just means you're doing a good job of developing a friendship on top of your steamy romance (making your relationship BULLET PROOF).

On the other hand, if you guys have been together for a while, and you're still totally dependent on each other, we could be looking at some trouble.

Now, it's great you two are still so crazy in love all these years later. But eventually, one of you is going to want to do some self-discovery outside of this relationship. That might mean spending some time apart or even a full-on breakup.

Spooning with you as the big spoon

Kylah Benes-Trapp

You just can't get enough of your man (or woman) so, even when their back is facing you, you hold on tight.

Eventually, your need to always be near your partner is going to come back around to bite you. Why? Well, you simply can't always be holding onto your partner, whether while you're asleep or awake.

If you can't let go of your need to constantly be with and sometimes even control your partner, you could end up driving them away.

Spooning with you as the little spoon

Kylah Benes-Trapp

If you're the little spoon with your guy's arms wrapped around you, you guys have a freaking solid relationship.

Wood describes this position as the most "vulnerable" of cuddling positions, as he can technically stick his dong in you whenever he wants.

The fact that you're able to be vulnerable in his arms shows you really, really TRUST him, which is huge.

Life will obviously throw you guys curveballs because that's just the way it goes, but there really is nothing the two of you can't overcome. Your relationship is as strong as it gets.

Backs facing each other with only butts touching

Kylah Benes-Trapp

This looks bad, I know. But I swear it's not really a bad thing! In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's goals.

Wood explains that this position simply means the two of you are committed to keeping a sexual connection while still maintaining your independence.

You guys aren't that new, hot-and-heavy couple all wrapped up in each other's bodies because you've accepted the fact that cuddling is hot and sweaty, and you also don't want to be facing each other's disgusting morning breath.

The two of you are bound to spend a lifetime totally connected while you still manage to watch each other grow as individuals.

If you aren't already married, I would bet a solid amount of money you will be eventually.

Opposite sides of the bed not touching at all

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Sex Expert Tracey Cox calls this position the "pre-divorce" or "post-argument" position. Needless to say, that's not looking too good for the future of your relationship.

My parents are divorced, but happy couples on TV always taught me the number one rule for a happy relationship is "never going to bed angry."

If you and your bae are going to bed so angry, you can barely even touch each other, odds are, we're looking at the beginning of the end for you guys.

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