This App Analyzes A Guy's Text Messages To Determine Whether Or Not He Likes You


You've been texting this guy for a while and you CANNOT figure out whether or not he likes you.

On one hand, that "LOL, you're crazy" text he sent could be seen as flirty banter. At least, that's what your friend Jess said after you sent her the screenshot.

But then, there's the chance he actually means you're crazy and need to cool it because you're freaking him out. At least, that's what your other friend Alyssa said when she saw the screenshot.

Then of course, there's the chance it was just a friendly text that didn't mean anything because he only sees you as a friend. At least, that's what your male co-worker, Alex, said after he saw conversation first-hand.

The problem is, neither you nor Jess nor Alyssa nor Alex have access to what your crush is actually thinking. All you did was over-analyze his dumb text, leaving you unnecessarily confused and without a clue as to what he's really thinking.

But obviously, you want to know whether or not he likes you, and these texts are the only clues you have to work with! So WTF are you supposed to do? 

Download CRUSHH, that's what. The app is here to answer the age old questions: What the eff does my crush's text mean? And most of all, does it mean he LIKES you?

CRUSHH secretly analyzes your crush's text messages to figure out whether or not your they like you back.

The app uses a math algorithm they created based on information they gathered from over 200,000 texting relationships.

First, select your contacts so the app can run its magic.


Next, the app analyzes your crush's words and texting patterns and calculates a score from a scale of one to five that will determine your likability.


If that number isn't enough for you, CRUSHH will break down your score, indicating your engagement and interest levels.

It also tracks your texting relationship history, giving you more detail on when he started like you and if that interest ever dipped.


Forget Jess, Alyssa and Alex because CRUSHH gives you all the info you need to know, minus the over-analyzing and confusion. It's like having that mind-reading super power you wished you had in fifth grade.

And this app is not only for your crush! You can also analyze your best friend's, family members' or your current boyfriend's text messages to figure out how they really feel about you.

No more passive aggressiveness or confusing text messages to drive you crazy.

CRUSHH is currently in beta (you can still get it here!), but will be available for download for Android users on March 31.