6 Types Of Crushes Every Woman Has In Her Life Before She Settles Down

by Journey Diller
Luke Mattson

“Are you dating anyone?” That question either leads to a happy, smiling “yes” or an awkward “no.”

Dating is hard. Finding “the one” is even harder.

You have to go through numerous first dates until you find the ones who make it to a second date. Even then, most don't make it much further.

Although being single can be tedious, there is a positive side to the single life: crushes. Who doesn't love a good crush?

The people you have crushes on can make your day by simply flashing a smile at you. You can fantasize about what it would be like to be with them.

Every crush has its own thing that make it unique. These are the types of crushes every person has before he or she finds “the one:”

1. The “You're Too Good For Me”

This is the classic crush that created leagues. “They're out of my league” isn't a thing, by the way. But we all have this feeling.

Whether it's the most gorgeous man you've ever seen or the smartest girl you've ever met, don't worry: We all have the crush who makes us feel inferior. So, we don't go after him or her.

But, damn, these kinds of crushes are nice to fantasize about.

2. The “Off-Limits”

Most people would never admit to having this one. This is the kind of crush people have on a friend's ex or sibling. It's a crush on someone who has been declared to be out of bounds.

You know this person is strictly off-limits, but you have the crush on him or her secretly. You're hoping not to get caught.

Plus, liking this person makes you feel like a rebel.

3. The “I Have A Chance, But I Won't Do Anything About It”

We have all had a crush on someone who we wouldn't dare do anything with. Most of the time, this happens when you like a really good friend. But you don't want to ruin the friendship.

This is when you like someone, but not so much that you'd risk what you have to be in a relationship with him or her. You want to keep this person around because he or she is more like a friend than a significant other.

4. The “Makes Me An Idiot”

Now, this kind of crush is no stranger to any of us. This is the one in which, when you see him or her, you forget how to stand. When this person talks to you, you become flabbergasted. After the person leaves, you face palm yourself out of embarrassment.

Basically, this is a fan girl crush. You have put this person so high up on a pedestal that you completely forget that he or she is human.

You want this person so badly, you can't function.

5. The “Why?”

This is probably the most confusing type of crush.

This is when you refuse to have a crush on someone, either because this person is your opponent or because you don't think you guys work at all. But you have a crush on him or her anyway. There's a tension you can't ignore, no matter how hard you try.

But you also know you wouldn't work well together. You're either too different or too similar.

Whatever it is, it wouldn't work. But the tension between the two of you creates a heat that's hard to ignore. You might as well let this crush run its course until it's over.

6. The “Habit”

You grew up crushing on this person. Growing up, this person was all you really talked about to your friends.

Every time you mentioned this person's name, your friends moaned, “Not this again.”

However, as time went on, you forgot what you liked about the person. Even if you didn't grow up liking him or her, you liked him or her for so long, it became boring.

The majority of crushes are fast and short-lived. They come and go faster than you can imagine. Crushes have the ability to make you feel rebellious, pretty, smart and like you're in high school again. Ultimately, crushes feel amazing.