Couples Who Go Camping Together Have Better Sex Than The Rest Of Us

by John Haltiwanger

Our day-to-day lives are full of distractions, anxieties and obligations -- going out into the woods helps us forget about all of it.

There are numerous benefits to spending time in the great outdoors. Research shows that it can improve a person's mental and physical health and even induce greater levels of creativity.

So put on those hiking boots, grab your pack, throw your tent in it and get going. And if you've got a significant other, bring him or her along too -- it will improve your sex life.

A survey from the tent company OLPRO, highlighted by the Daily Mail, revealed that couples who camp together experience increased levels of passion between the sheets both during camping and after.

Researchers conducting the survey questioned 500 couples between the ages of 25 and 50 after they'd gone camping. Ninety percent of the participants claimed they had more sex both while sleeping together in a tent and after.

Around half (45 percent) of those surveyed said they believed this boost to their love life was product of there being fewer distractions out in the wilderness. Thirty percent of the participants stated that camping allowed them to forget about their worries, which helped them get in the mood.

This makes a lot of sense -- anxiety kills sex.

When we're stressed, it can have an extremely detrimental impact on our sex lives. Stress decreases our libidos and fertility levels. It also hurts our body images, as Huffington Post highlights, which translates into difficulties in the bedroom -- if you don't like the way you look, you're less likely to want to have sex.

This is why getting out into nature is the perfect remedy for couples who need to reinvigorate their sex lives.

Research has shown that spending time in nature reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. It also lowers our blood pressure and slows our heart rate. Simply put, going into the woods is medicine; it acts like an anti-depressant and boosts our moods and, in turn, our sex drives.

Nature helps remind us of our most basic senses and instincts -- including sexual desire.

Speaking with the Daily Mail on the survey, psychologist Barbara Bishop stated:

Getting out in the great outdoors allows us to leave many of life's distractions and worries behind. It gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and recharge our relationships in a very meaningful way. We rediscover our primal selves when we're close to nature but there is also that added frisson of knowing just a thin layer of canvas shields us from the outside world.

Likewise, around 9 percent of the survey's participants contended they believe camping worked as an aphrodisiac because it brought them closer physically. If you've ever slept with a romantic partner in a tent, you can likely attest to this fact, especially because cuddling close together for body warmth can be extremely necessary at times.

With that said, for some people, a tent is the last possible place they'd want to get it on. It's bumpy (uneven ground), often too hot or too cold, and it can be extremely difficult to get comfortable.

There are ways to work around this: Ever heard of an air mattress or sleeping pad? In terms of temperature, you can always sleep on top of your sleeping bags if it's too hot, or bring a fleece liner if it's going to be cold.

If you've never been camping, don't knock it 'til you try it -- particularly if you're in a relationship that needs revamping.

Even if you're relationship is just fine and both of you already love camping, you now have yet another excuse to venture into the wilderness.

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