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Why Couples Massages Are Actually Not Relaxing

Routines are boring. We get up, go to work, come back, scarf down food and fall asleep on the couch just as the evening news turns into late-night comedy. Then, we do it again the next day.

If we're not careful, these routines can affect those around us. Even our relationships can grow routine.

We can forget how much we appreciate our loved ones while we're deep in routines.

Maybe we're just tired. Maybe there was too much stress at work, maybe we did nothing at work and spun in a swivel chair all day -- whatever the case, when we get home, we just want to do nothing.

This means we might not be paying the best of attention to our significant others. We may shut off our brains and say, "Mhmm,” while they talk about their days and deliver a blank stare when we're asked a question. We're not listening.

The newest episode of “The Quarter-Life Couple” finds Wilson deep into this routine. He's been present, but he really hasn't been much of a conversationalist. He's been retreating into his own world and ignoring Becca. It's not out of spite, but his general malaise is putting stress on the relationship.

Will a trip to a couples massage get him talking? Will he finally open up after days of shutting up? After the stress of the last three episodes, will this help them relax?

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