Only Couples Who Are In Love Will Do These 7 Things

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski

Couples in love can get a pretty funny reputation for being permanently googly-eyed and all over each other every chance they get.

If you're actually a part of a couple in love, you probably don't care at all. Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world — and if you've found someone, they're likely all you can think about.

My husband and I have been married for a few months, and we're definitely still in the "you're all I want" phase. We still have the "just married" sticker on the car nearly four months in, and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon, either.

Pairs that are head over heels often share many similarities in the things they do, acting as a true testament to their love and devotion for one another. In fact, many couples in love are really unique in the things they do (compared to other couples that just might not be so serious).

If you're part of a couple in love, odds are the two of you have done one of these seven things:

1. Have Special Rituals Every Day

My husband and I have really specific things that we do on a regular basis that would probably make other people think we were super weird... but it doesn't matter to us.

We love going to raves together, as it's one of the times we bond the most. We do arts and crafts together for those raves, like crafting up beaded bracelets, almost every night. During this, we chat and get excited about the rave and what else is to come. On top of that, we make an effort to drink tea together every single morning and every night.

These little moments together help us forget the rest of the world and remind us why we chose each other.

Couples in love will have unique, special rituals that only they know about and only they participate in. It's not because we're all weird in our own ways, but instead, because these unique rituals help connect us with our partner.

2. Prioritize Each Other

I've never really felt like I wanted to prioritize my partner in my past relationships because I never really valued the actual relationships.

With my husband, it's different — he's my number one priority, no matter what. Whatever he needs, I'll be there, regardless of what else is going on in my life. He feels the same way about me, making it clear to me by always being ready to listen to me when I want to talk about work, life, and standing by my side.

Couples in love are that way because they truly value each other, and they make that clear through prioritization.

This will come through in how often they are there for each other through thick and thin, whether facing big family drama or as a small doctor's appointment.

3. Support Their Dreams And Desires

I'm not the best at sitting still. Because of this, I often have something new I want to do almost every day.

Sometimes, I think I want to go to medical school, and other times, I want to sit down and write a book. No matter what I am feeling, my husband supports me, and I know that no matter what path I ultimately choose, he would support me there, too.

Similarly, he's in the middle of starting his chiropractic career right now — and I know he was made for it. I've been excited to help him study, go with him to exams, and just generally remind him that he can do it.

If you truly support each other through everything you both want to do, this means that you have a wonderful connection. Couples with powerful connections understand why showing support and staying positive is so important.

Your love for one another only brings out your ability to be a true cheerleader for whatever happens in life.

4. Communicate About Emotions

My husband claims that before me, he wasn't a big talker. I have a hard time accepting this because with me, he is super talkative about everything. He and I both know it's a testament to the fact that we're deeply in love and feel comfortable with speaking about anything that pops up in life.

The two of us find it easy to open up about our emotions on a daily basis. Whether it's just something that is bothering us about our day or something bigger like worry over a new job opportunity, we talk... a lot. It's something that's natural when you're in love.

Communication is the key between couples, and love will only help you encourage those discussions as much as possible. Keeping the other person in the loop about how you are feeling will help your relationship stay strong and continue to flourish as time goes on in the process.

5. Have Sex Frequently

My husband and I joked at the beginning of our marriage that throughout our married life, basically until we die, we'd make it a goal to have sex once a day.

Well, luckily for both of us, it has turned into less of a joke and more of a real thing. Because we're already so connected, the sex comes easily and naturally — and it also helps us connect, so it's an awesome cycle to experience.

Sex is a connector, you can't deny that. Couples in love should naturally be having sex pretty often. It's fun, breeds intimacy, and is a great way to work off some of that daily stress.

6. Laugh All The Time

I can be laughing with my husband whether we're at the Magic Kingdom, a light-filled EDM concert, or in a grocery store buying fruit for a juice cleanse.

We laugh not because we're always doing fun stuff, but because we're always having fun together.

A really well-connected, in-love couple will find or create opportunities to laugh with each other, no matter what is around them.

The ability to find joy in everyday life is often what keeps couples happy together.

7. Look Forward To The Future

For the first time in a relationship, I don't dread what's coming in the future.

Instead, I wake up looking forward to each day, month, and year. I'm very much in love with my husband, and can't wait to watch our love grow every minute. I know he feels the same way, as he tells me all the time that he can't wait to see what our future together holds.

Couples that are truly in love will be genuinely happy to bring up discussions of how they'll spend the rest of their lives together. They'll know that they'll always have each other, no matter what, and that life is better with the other by their side. Casual couples, on the other hand, may be more interested in the now, and definitely less sure that that'll even be together in the future.

Remember that each relationship is different, but if you have felt things similar to the things on this list, it's a good sign. When you're in love, you'll feel a unique bonding and connection to your partner that you can't feel in any other type of relationship.

Chances are it'll feel fantastic.