8 Couples From Your Favorite Movies That’ll Make Incredible Halloween Costumes

by Annie Foskett

Here's a truth about Halloween: Sometimes, when you unwrap the double Starburst, you get two pinks. Here's another: You get to eat Mounds without incriminating yourself as a gross human buying a full-sized bar at Duane Reade (Almond Joy can suck it). Another: Sometimes, you have a meltdown because you realize your costume sucks 23 minutes before arriving at a party. This is when having a partner-in-costume to talk you off the ledge is ideal. Couples costume ideas from movies are recognizable, easy to put together, and a perfect antidote to your "my costume sucks" tantrum.

When I was little, I was super into Halloween. My mom was really creative and always helped me devise the perfect costume, but alas, right before heading out to trick-or-treat, I had my annual breakdown. One year, I was traumatized by the green paint I insisted on smearing on my face so as not to be a "boring witch." Another year, I was distraught by the realization that no one was going to recognize the nude body suit I was wearing as a "worm" — not the slimy invertebrate, but the coffee-drinking aliens from Men in Black. Hmm. Another Halloween, it was a sudden disdain for the Pink Power ranger of my namesake as "childish."

Looking back, maybe I was sneaking candy pre-outing and having a massive sugar crash, or maybe I was just insecure because I didn't have a buddy confirming that the costume was "cool." Obviously, dressing up in a couple at 9 years old would be v inappropriate, but if you and your SO plan on dressing up this year, I would recommend going as characters from a movie. (Except maybe not the aliens from Men in Black.) Here are some dope ideas for couples Halloween costumes from equally dope movies:

1. Princess Buttercup And Westley From The Princess Bride

If you haven't seen The Princess Bride, skip Halloween this year and glue your eyeballs to it. This couple allows you to dress up in some fun, old-timey outfits without being yet another Khaleesi and Jon Snow. Here's a pretty full Princess Buttercup costume to make things easier. Get a long blonde wig and crimp it for extra credit. Westley just needs to dress in all black, add a blindfold and sword, and he's good to go.

2. Annie Hall And Alvy Singer From Annie Hall

OK, OK, so Woody Allen is a full blown creep, but dressing up as this iconic couple from one of my all-time favorite movies is not funneling any money towards Mr. Allen, since pretty much everything you need to be Annie is in your dad's closet. All you need is a men's shirt, vest, and tie. Adding a felt hat would be optimal.

Your SO can dress up in any ill-fitting khakis and a sweater, and you're good to go.

3. Kat And Patrick From 10 Things I Hate About You

This is a damn good throwback. 10 Things I Hate About You is my favorite because it combines the '90s and Shakespeare (it was based on The Taming of the Shrew). It stars Heath Ledger (RIP), Julia Stiles, anddddddd Joseph Gordon Levitt (all time favorite crush, you know?) and has the power to make me ugly cry almost 20 years later.

These costumes are easy, especially now that the '90s are back. For Kat, go with black flared pants, platform sandals, and a long-sleeved red belly shirt (because in the '90s, we didn't call them crop tops yet). Put your hair in a weird bun and pull two grimy pieces out to frame your face and you are set. For Patrick, a curly wig plus jeans and a t-shirt or black tank. Men's style never dies.

Bonus points: Memorize Kat's epic speech.

4. Wayne And Garth From Wayne's World

Color me old, but this throwback is even better than the last. It doesn't matter whether you are two dudes, two ladies, or a dude and a lady, wigs and band t-shirts make Wayne and Garth super attainable looks. This movie is so popular that there are Etsy shops with everything you need for the costumes. Caveat: You definitely need to get the impersonations down. That's the best part.

5. Frank And Brenda From Sausage Party

OK, so maybe Sausage Party wasn't anybody's favorite movie, but achieving this couples costume will probably lead you and your SO to get the most likes you've ever gotten on an Instagram. Dressing up as a hot dog and a bun with cartoon orifices is not as easy as putting on kitten ears, but it will look really awesome. I feel like colored bodysuits, cardboard, and maybe even some pillows are your friends here? If you make this work, send me a pic. Or, you could just skip the DIY route and buy these ridiculous get ups.

6. Jack And Ennis From Brokeback Mountain

Oh yeah, I went there. Even if you're not as hot as Jake and Heath, this is a really fun costume no matter your gender. All you need are some jeans, a flannel shirt, a Carhartt or jean jacket, and a Stetson. Look at each other like you wish you knew how to quiet each other, and there you have it. A nice reminder that love is love is love in 2017.

7. Gamora And Star-Lord From Guardians of the Galaxy

Again, you're definitely not going to be the only ones dressed up like this, but if you do the full face of make up right, people will notice. For Gamora, you'll need a sh*t ton of green body paint, a leather vest, and leather pants. Curl your hair and grab some red extensions, or better yet, buy a Gamora wig. Bae can rock a red leather jacket and leather pants if he happens to own them. Otherwise, just snag this cheap costume.

Stay true to the movie and keep the sexual tension at 100 all night.

8. Mia Wallace And Vincent Vega From Pulp Fiction

This is a classic movie and a classic costume. For Mia, grab a black wig, a white dress shirt, and black flared jeans. Add a cocaine blood drip out of your nose and a syringe that's faux-lodged in your chest if you really want to get accurate. Your boo can wear any black suit, and add this wig and bolo tie to confirm his identity as Vincent Vega. Prepare to dance the night away like you're at Jack Rabbit Slim's.

Basically, as long as you choose a couple who is not from The Notebook or Star Wars, you are in great shape to get all of the Instagram likes this Halloween (because don't we do everything for the 'gram? Or is that just me?). Have a Snickers, chug a vodka soda, and dare to enter an Uber in a giant hot dog bun costume without having a meltdown. I promise it'll be OK. Happy damn Halloween.

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