This Couple Recreated Their Pride Photo 24 Years Later And Proved Love Always Wins

by Candice Jalili
Nick Cardello Photography

The concept of everlasting love has always amazed and perplexed me.

I mean, HOW do two people manage to fall in love... and stay in love.

It's hard enough under regular circumstances, so I can only imagine how doubly hard it would be when you have societal forces actively telling you your love isn't valid and trying to tear you apart.

That was the case for Nick Cardello and Kurt English, a gay couple who have been together for 25 years.

The couple turned into an inspiration to LGBTQ+ couples across the globe after Nick posted an image of them at their very first DC Equality March back in 1993, alongside a picture of them at a Pride March in 2017.

Despite all of their obstacles, their love has stood the test of time.

People are using the images as evidence against individuals who claim being anything other than straight is "just a phase."

Others are using Nick and Kurt as a model for what true love really is.

They've also become a model for LGBTQ+ activism in general.

And they're reminding people of their own journeys toward self-acceptance.

As for Nick, he's just trying to get used to his newfound fame.

So next time you feel like your relationship is going through a rough patch, try to imagine hitting that rough patch in addition to your own government telling you your love isn't valid.

The love shared between Nick and Kurt has withstood more than just the test of time. It's managed to withstand the forces of a society trying to oppress them by saying their love is less valid than someone else's.

And now, 25 years later, when what they fought for is slowly turning into reality, and gay marriage has been legalized across the country, they can still stand tall and strong in their love.

Now that is an inspiring love story.