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What It's Like Meeting Your Childhood Celebrity Crush As An Adult

As we enter adolescence, we look to Hollywood to learn how to be adults.

Instead of featuring the clumsy prepubescents we see in everyday life, Hollywood gives us heroes who ace the tests, win the girls and score the touchdowns.

Soon, crushes form. The fictional quarterback becomes a plausible spouse if only you could find your way onto a movie set. It may be an impossible partnership, but the pangs of unrequited love hit hard -- perhaps because it's the first time you've ever felt them.

As we grow, these perfect crushes fade as real relationships take their places. But, it takes only a simple trigger -- a photograph or a theme song -- to rush those feelings back in an instant.

So, what happens when you actually meet your childhood crush?

Do you feel nothing at all or do those feelings flood back? Do those same butterflies take flight in your stomach? Can you see that tattered movie poster that hung for a decade on your bedroom wall?

The latest episode of “The Quarter-Life Couple” explores these questions. What will happen when Becca meets her childhood hero, Danny Tamberelli?

Will she fulfill her quest to kiss him or will she feel nothing at all?

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