This Couple Had Their Wedding At A Pizza Parlor And You'll Definitely Be Jealous

by Sean Abrams

Wedding planning can be quite the doozy. There's finding the right venue, inviting guests and picking out delectable hors d'oeuvres for the night.

And sometimes, it would just be so much easier to say "fuck it" and grab a hot, cheesy pizza instead.

Well... that's sort of what Lizzy and Tyler Orton did. They had a goddamn pizza wedding.

Rachel Couch

The Alexandria, Virginia-based couple took full advantage of a special setup by &pizza, a popular DC-based pizza venue. On Pi Day last year, the restaurant transformed their traditional pizza establishment into a "Vegas-style wedding chapel" fit for any couple looking to tie the knot.

If you're curious what comes with a glorious "pizza wedding," there's way more than just bread and cheese involved.

Lizzy and Tyler were showered with gifts and special treats, which left them feeling like straight-up royalty.

Tyler explained,

We were treated to a gracious and thoughtful officiant from Pop! Wedding Co., who even incorporated a pizza pun into the ceremony, a wonderful wedding photographer, free pizza and drinks for us and our family and a parting gift box from &pizza of &pizza custom-themed T-shirts, wine and Lizzy's personal favorite, condoms.

It also didn't hurt that Tyler's favorite food (in the entire universe, apparently) is pizza.

This whole wedding sounds like a dream come true to me, and a delicious one at that.

Rachel Couch

&pizza has been helping people get hitched "pizza wedding"-style since 2015, during its first Pi Day Wedding Chapel pop-up.

Now, after six marriages and two quick years later, &pizza is back for more weddings (and is aiming to bring the wedding vibes to its Baltimore and Philadelphia shops for the very first time).

Rachel Couch

I think the only way I'd have a pizza-themed wedding is if there was a meaty, sausage joke involved. But that's just me.

With Pi Day quickly approaching on March 14, expect more love-hungry (or pizza-hungry) couples to line up at the three &pizza locations for a day of warmth, affection and, most importantly, hot-and-ready pizzas.

...and now I'm starving.