Our Best Guesses For What That Confusing AF Basketball Promposal Sign Says

by Jamie LeeLo

The pressure is on, high schoolers. If you thought the days of asking your mom to ask a girl's mom if that girl would go to prom with you were still a thing, YOU THOUGHT WRONG, SON!

Elaborate promposals are IN, and getting creative, committed and crafty about how you deliver your prom invitation is the newest fad.

One guy named Marlen Williams totally upped his (basketball) game, creating a detailed and colorful sign to ask his date-to-be to the big dance. There was just one problem...

No one has any idea what the hell the sign says.


Marlen posted his sign on Twitter, and Twitter responded with, "Da fuck?"

Everybody's brains hurt trying to decode this riddle of words.

And lots of people were just taking wild stabs in the dark.


No bro, that is not right.


One man whipped out this seemingly wise diagram...

...but Marlen shut him down.

So, what DOES this mysterious sign say? Well, let's start with what we know.

1. One or both individuals involved play basketball, and it's pretty safe to assume one of their jersey numbers is #12.

2. The inclusion of the word "run" suggests a basketball play or move, so we can safely assume this is an attempted basketball word play, especially when paired with the word "shot"... like a basketball shot at the hoop.

3. Marlen wants to go to prom with this girl.

So here are all the combinations I can come up with that aren't totally stupid:

"You'll run the 1, I'll be 2, I'd love to take a shot at prom with you."

This COULD make sense, as one Twitter user explained that 1 and 2 are referring to basketball positions.


OR it could be something like, "You'll run the 1, 2, I'd love to take a shot at prom with you.

This makes me think of Ciara singing, "Let me see you one, two step." (?????) I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Or there's the less likely, but still possible "I'd love to take a shot, #12. You'll run the 12, I'll be at prom with you."


Look, I'm not a rocket scientist. I just don't understand promposals designed by 17-year-old athletes, OK? OK?!

One thing we can all agree on is, it looks like the lucky lady said yes, and as long as SHE understands the sign, that's all that matters, right, Twitter?

*flips open "Basketball for Dummies," takes notes, gives up, lives life as if none of this ever happened*

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