6 Ways To Be Confident Your SO Loves You If You Struggle With Anxiety

Only those with true anxiety disorder really “get” the waking nightmare that is anxiety.

So when this anxious behavior mixes with love, it's naturally a whole different kind of situation. And when you're in a new relationship and are trying to assess whether or not someone really cares for you, it can be even more difficult.

Those of us with anxiety tend to overanalyze and scrutinize even the smallest, most minute details as if they are the most important in the world.

For example, say you're in a sort-of relationship. The guy you've been hanging out with, hooking up with and having deep thoughtful conversations with has made it clear to you that he feels strongly about you and that he sees a future with you.

Or maybe, he's even committed to you, but he hasn't said “I love you” yet, which leaves you in an unfairly vulnerable state. And so your anxiety goes into overdrive, making you question what he really thinks and feels.

But regardless, in either situation (and in most situations where you're wondering whether a man loves you or not), you may get confused and nervous trying to figure whether a guy loves you or not, and it can drive you crazy.

But when you have anxiety, it takes on a whole new kind of fury.

So with that, here are six signs he loves you:

1. He tells you vulnerable information about himself.

If you have anxiety, you probably automatically assume the worst. You may even overlook conversations you've had with him that clearly signal he is in love with you without realizing how meaningful they are.

For example, does he reveal extremely personal information about himself, the kind of stuff he tells no one else? This is a major sign he loves you.

2. He has your back.

A huge sign a man loves you is the fact he will defend you against anyone who tries to emotionally harm or hurt you. Men have a protective instinct when they love a woman.

If something in your life is making you anxious and you vent to him, how does he react? Does he seem annoyed, indifferent or just brush it off? If so, this signals he might not be in love with you.

If, on the other hand, he goes out of his way to comfort you and wants you to stay away from whatever it is that's making you anxious, this shows a certain protective instinct he has when it comes to you.

Or, if someone insults you and he immediately comes to your defense, this is a big sign he loves you.

3. He truly accepts and loves you for who you are.

Have you told him weird quirks about yourself or things that you might not think most people would accept? If he not only accepts, but also loves you and all your quirks, this is a sign he's in love with you.

He might even specifically mention things about you that make you say to yourself, “Wow, he really gets me.” This comes from him truly accepting and loving you for who you are.

4. He trusts you.

Trust is the key to any kind of love. Does he trust you? Or does he do things like go through your phone and try to figure out what you are secretly doing behind his back?

This is a big one when it comes to love. The reason is because without true trust (or at least a huge amount of trust), you can't have love.

So, if he trusts you, it's a sign he loves you.

5. He is affectionate.

When I say affectionate, I am talking about more than just sexually. What I mean is, he does things like hold you in his arms, cuddle with you in a way that makes you feel warm butterflies and gently touches you in ways that just feel “right.”

6. He asks for your input in major life decisions.

If he has a major life decision — whether to take a new job, move somewhere or handle some kind of difficult situation — and he asks for your opinion and advice, this is a major sign he is in love with you.

So, there you go. Here are six key signs that show a man is in love.