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16 Struggles Only Couples Who Have Met At Work Understand

I have a friend who is in LOVE with a guy in her office.

They've been working together for over a year now. And at this point, I can safely say I have received well over a million text messages about what he's wearing and what they talked about on any given day.

Why does she choose to turn to me with her every thought about her unattainable work crush?

Well, I guess it's because she knows me. And anyone who knows me is well aware that I love myself a good, old-fashioned office romance.

From Jim and Pam's adorable love on "The Office" to Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver's illicit affair, I've always had a soft spot for these stories.

There's something so adorable about still wanting to hang out with (and bang) a person even after spending 40 plus hours a week together.

Like, instead of wanting to block their number from your phone, bolt out of the office and as far away from them as humanly possible (like most people do with their co-workers), you actually somehow managed to fall in LOVE. How BEAUTIFUL is that?

If you're a sucker for workplace trysts like I am, read these confessions from real people who found love in a corporate place from the Whisper app.

The were very obvious.

They meet up after work.

She was obsessed before she even knew him.

He doesn't like it when other co-workers ask about it.

He makes fun of her for still working there.

His being attracted to her could have been considered harassment.

She doesn't feel bad about stealing him from his wife.

They get teased about it a lot.

These two either have to break up or lose their jobs.

She's going to be lonely when he quits.

His boss knows about them and is supportive.

They've worked at two different places together.

She wasn't expecting to find love.

She's waiting to break up with him.

She hates having to hide it from her co-workers.

She never would have talked to him if they met somewhere else.

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