This Comedian Perfectly Explains The Absurdity Of Victim-Blaming


I don't know Alice Brine, but I LOVE her.

In one epic Facebook status, she manages to completely take down any sort of argument for victim blaming.

For those of you who might not know, "victim blaming" usually happens to women who were survivors of sexual assault. Rather than placing the blame on the men who raped them, people will look at the women to see what they possibly could have been doing to "ask for it." She was wearing a skimpy bathing suit; she was asking for it. She got too drunk to really clearly say no; she was asking for it. She was flirting with him all night; she was asking for it. You get the picture.

It's as absurd as it sounds, but it still manages to be a very prevalent argument made in defense of men who sexually assault women. To me, the ridiculousness of it is inherently apparent. But maybe you're still not seeing it.

In that case, take a look at comedian Alice Brine's Facebook status about taking advantage of drunk rich guys by stealing all of their possessions.

She says she's going to go home with very drunk guys and steal all of their stuff. But it won't be her fault because they were drunk! They were asking for it! They should have known better! He was wearing Gucci! Obviously, he wanted her to know that he's rich. Obviously, that was an invitation to steal.

When he said, "no," she didn't know that it ACTUALLY meant "no." He was too drunk for her to tell! Let's blame him. It's his fault she stole all of his belongings including his Gucci watch and his Audi.

Read it for yourself here:

Now, do you get the whole victim blaming thing? And also why it's stupid and makes literally no sense? Yes, right. Thought so.

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