If You Went To These Colleges, You're More Likely To Get More Likes On Dating Apps

by Candice Jalili
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Where you choose to go to college affects a lot of factors in your life. It affects where you live, where you work, the way you see the world, and, in many ways, whom you fall in love with. Yes, where you go to school can affect whom you fall in love with in the sense that you could meet and fall in love with them while you're both in college. But even if you don't find love in college, your alma mater could still up your post-grad dating game. Wondering how to get more likes on dating apps? A new study conducted by dating app Hinge looked into how where you went to school affects your dating life on the app.

According to the study, certain colleges made dudes seem more desirable, getting them more likes than men who attended other schools. And it was the same for the ladies as well. Even more, Hinge found which colleges tend to date within their own kind, the people from certain colleges who have the most compatible relationships, and the colleges who aren't compatible at all.

Read along and find out where your school falls into the mix.

These are the schools with the most desirable dudes.

Wondering why that dude from Colby College never messaged you back on Hinge? Well, it's probably because he's been busy trying to sift through all of his many matches, as guys from Colby College reportedly got more likes on Hinge.

Here are the other schools with the most eligible male bachelors, ranked in order of most likes:

  1. Colby College
  2. Colgate University
  3. Middlebury College
  4. College of Charleston
  5. Washington and Lee University

Cheers to these schools for breeding hot (and hopefully really nice, and well educated) dudes!

These are the schools with the most desirable ladies.

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One thing I'm getting from this top five lineup? Well, apparently, going to school in the South does tremendous things for your dating app game.

Here are the top five schools with the most liked women on Hinge:

  1. University of South Carolina
  2. NC State University
  3. University of Miami
  4. Southern Methodist University
  5. University of Tampa

Congrats, y'all! Looks like that southern hospitality is working wonders.

People from these schools like to date within their own school.


Certain schools stick together. According to Hinge, here are the cliquey betches who are twice as likely to start dating someone who with the same alma mater.

  1. University of Southern California
  2. The University of Texas at Austin
  3. University of Georgia
  4. The Ohio State University
  5. University of California Berkeley

Going for someone who went to one of these schools, but you didn't attend the same one? Maybe don't bother.

These are the schools with the most compatible matches. (And this is where things get interesting.)


OK, so maybe you're not a cliquey betch who only wants to date someone who went to your school. Buuuut you're still trying to date someone who went to a compatible school.

Here are the schools most likely to date each other, according to Hinge:

  1. University of Colorado Boulder and Fordham University
  2. Santa Clara University and Villanova University
  3. Tulane University and Arizona State University
  4. University of Virginia and Rice University
  5. University of Missouri and University of Georgia

You guys! You guys! I have real PROOF that this one is accurate. I went to Santa Clara University, and my boyfriend went to Villanova University. We didn't meet on Hinge, but, like, boy oh boy, are we a statistic!

These are the schools who typically will not date each other.


Just as there are schools who do like to date each other, there are some schools that aren't really big on dating each other. These are the top five schools who don't like to date each other:

  1. James Madison University and University of Virginia
  2. University of Southern California and Stanford University
  3. Boston University and Harvard University
  4. Northeastern University and University of Pennsylvania
  5. New York University and University of California Los Angeles

So, if you went to NYU and you're wondering why your UCLA crush hasn't texted you back, don't be too sad! It's not you, it's your school.

Do you think where you went to school has had an effect on your dating life? Comment your experience below!

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