4 Reasons It's Normal To Be 'Clingy' At The Start Of A New Relationship

After so many years of being stuck in the cold, gigantic tower that is the single life, you are finally free and happy with your prince. Congratulations: Welcome to the world of romance and pure bliss. Since this is a new experience for you, you may be feeling a little clingy and protective of your man.

You can't help but text him every single hour to see if he's OK (and still alive). You want to see him every day to double check he's actually dating you. You want to spend the rest of the day, week, month and this lifetime cuddling and watching random movies in your home with him.

You are so in love with him. Then, it hits you: Are you being too clingy and overly possessive of him? Well, who cares if you are? Like I said before, you've been alone in the cold tower of the single life, and you just can't resist sharing your overflowing love with him.

So why worry? To keep you at ease, here are four reasons why it's OK to be clingy in a relationship, especially if it's your first:

1. You're adjusting.

It's your first time, so it's normal to feel like everything is surreal. It's not easy to shift to the idea of being in a relationship, especially if you've been single since birth. You've mastered being alone, but you have no idea what it's like to be romantically involved with someone.

So, you need time to adjust during this period. Those warm hugs and stolen kisses at the beginning of your relationship may still seem surreal or dreamlike. In order to be assured that these things are real, you want your partner to be with you all the time.

2. You're learning.

First times are never easy. It's normal that you need some time to find your way in this first relationship. If you think sending heart emojis in every single text or sending "I love you," and "I miss you" texts (even though you sent the same one an hour ago) is sweet, then so be it. There's nothing wrong with that.

It's just your way of saying how you feel. You may look and sound overly sweet toward him. But it's OK because you're just starting to get to know yourself and how you work in a relationship. Now, it would be best if your partner could teach you about what you need to do in a polite (and perhaps romantic) way, just so you have an idea of what does and doesn't work for him.

If he doesn't respond to your outpouring of love in the way you expect, don't be sad. It doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't care. He's just being a guy.

3. You're making your SO feel special.

First times are special. Remember the time when you bought your first iPhone? You took such good care of it. You didn't want anyone to touch it. You protected it from getting scratched, from the sun and even from your own mother.

Just like is the case with your first iPhone, you handle your first relationship with care. At the end of the day, he's going to love you even more for that.

4. You won't always be clingy.

Once you get the hang of this whole relationship thing, you won't be clingy anymore. Truth be told, he'll probably miss it.

Once it hits you that everything is real, you will want to feel more of it. This may make you more clingy toward your beau, so it's OK to send three to five texts to him every minute. It's the course of any new relationship, not just your first one. This is basically the glorified honeymoon stage.

It only shows how much you care for him, and that you want to give him more attention, care and love. You will be like this for the first few weeks (or months), but once you get the hang of it, you'll soon know your boundaries. Then, you won't be possessive of him. By that time, he will surely miss his Miss Clingy.

There's nothing wrong with making your SO feel special and loved, whether that's through texts, chats, hugs, kisses or any other romantic quip. We can be as clingy and protective as we want to be toward the person we love because we love him or her. Just be aware of your SO's boundaries. It'll all be smooth sailing from there.