5 Ways To Cleanse Your Apartment Of Negative Energy After A Breakup

by Rosey Baker

A lot of people break up around the holidays, and if you were one of them, you've probably been doing some googling about how to move on.

Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, the only way out is to go through it.

But that doesn't mean you can't begin to clear your apartment of any trace of the person.

Throwing out their things, however, isn't enough to really cleanse your space.

Here are five ways you can clear out the energetic traces of your ex from your life:

1. Don't just throw out pictures. Replace them.

Look, it's not enough to scratch out his face in photos like you're still in middle school.

You need to RID your apartment of the photos entirely, and you need to replace those photos with pictures that bring to mind the things you really want in life.

Get a photo of a place you've never been or a photo of you and your best pal looking great that night on your girls-only trip to Miami.

2. Clear out window space.

If your window sills are full of clutter, get rid of it.

Feng shui states that windows represent how we see our world. Having them cluttered or dusty can create that same kind of attitude toward your new life.

And that's what a breakup is: a chance to start over. How refreshing is that?

Clear your space and your mind, and get ready to fill your life with new and exciting things.

3. Sage the place.

OK, so sage smells like an old man's ass. But, I have to emphasize the benefits of using it after an emotionally traumatic event.

The theory behind saging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and as it clears, it takes the negative energy with it. Then, Mother Earth reabsorbs the negative energy and filters it herself.

Before you begin to sage, you want to set your intention.

Why do you want to do this? Why are you feeling the need to do this?

Then, sage all the four corners of every room and watch the smoke clear, and say goodbye to the negative energy of your loser ex-flame.

4. Clear out the storage underneath your bed.

Now that you've cleared the bedroom of negative energy with the power of sage, you should clear out any clutter from underneath your bed.

Swiffer under that thing and mop up any leftover dust, and get rid of anything under the bed that constitutes clutter or that carries old or stale energy.

It's fine to store blankets, pillows or extra linens under the bed in a clean, under-the-bed storage container, but here are the things that feng shui suggests not leaving under your bed, post-breakup or not:

- Souvenirs or memorabilia, like photos or old clothes

- Shoes, whether worn or unworn

- Off-season clothing

- Electronics, old artwork and books

- Clutter, meaning anything you're just not ready to deal with right now

5. Get some new candles.

Getting nice candles is just the most relaxing way to redecorate your home.

Get rid of any scented candles you used to burn when you were hanging out with your ex — since our noses can create a world of memories — and bring in some new candles to create some new ones.

5. Fill your place with plants, baby.

Not only do plants fulfill some need to care for someone or something, but they also clean the air in your apartment.

While breakups can be upsetting, they are also a breath of fresh air when you give yourself the time to grieve.

You don't need to rush the process of getting over your ex. In fact, the less you rush it, the better your next relationship is going to be.

We need time and perspective to learn the lessons that our past relationships have taught us.

And by giving ourselves that time, we allow the relationship to fulfill its purpose, which is always to enhance our spiritual and personal growth.

Happy cleansing!