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Clayton Echard and Susie Evans' astrological compatibility is interesting.

Clayton And Susie’s Astrological Compatibility Is... Complicated

OK, this is chaotic.

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Season 26 of The Bachelor is over, and the most dramatic finale ever actually lived (?) up (??) to the hype (???). Though Clayton Echard technically finished his Bachelor run alone (ahem, his final rose was rejected for the first time in the show’s history), he didn’t stay that way for long. Susie Evans slid into Echard’s DMs soon after filming wrapped, and they’ve been happily together for four months. By the looks of things (like *that* choking picture), their relationship is off to a good start, but Echard and Evans’ astrological compatibility has the potential to get rocky.

Echard is a Taurus, an Earth sign known for being grounded, loyal, and stubborn. Ruled by Venus, Taureans can be verrry romantic, too. Evans is a fiery Leo, a sign that is often criticized for their ego. To be fair, Leos tend to like all eyes on them (and they prefer a partner who gets that). But if a Taurus is willing to give them that attention, they have no problem returning the favor. Mutual doting and extreme loyalty are hallmarks of Taurus-Leo romances.

But that doesn’t mean their relationship will be quarrel-free. The bull and the lion are not exactly a match made in astrological heaven. Here’s how Echard and Evans’ zodiac signs might work for and against them.

Leo And Taurus Might Butt Heads

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Both Taureans and Leos like to feel like they’re in control, which can lead to some fierce debates and tense conflict. “This power struggle can bring upsets,” Arriana Fox, astrologer, told Bustle. (Remember Evans and Echard’s harsh fight at fantasy suites? Point made.)

OK, so a few fights are hardly a relationship red flag (experts actually say healthy disagreements are a good sign for couples), but these zodiac signs will need to invest some serious time in developing conflict resolution skills—especially considering their varied natures. “The earthy nature of the Taurus can extinguish Leo's fiery energy, which bodes poorly for a long-term commitment as Leo may find themselves losing their sense of self,” Fox added. “A great deal of mediating between the two would be needed.”

Their Jealousy Can Get In The Way

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Leos love the attention—and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, it might contribute to an elevated sense of jealousy in relationships. And for an easygoing, logic-minded Taurus, it can be challenging to understand that perspective (though they can also have a possessive streak).

Lest we forget Echard and Evans’ blowout fight on The Bachelor when she told him, “If I’m sharing your love with somebody else, I don’t think I would be comfortable [saying yes to an engagement].” A fair reservation, TBH, but Echard could not understand her point of view. He kept coming back to the logical defense: Apparently, Evans told him to explore the other relationships, and he thought “[she] would work through something like this.”

And yet, when it struck Echard that Evans might be aiming for a Bachelorette title, he shut down and sent her home. Maybe some internal envy was fueling that thought process?

They Want To Make Each Other Happy

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Despite their potentially challenging dynamic, there is one thing that consistently unites Leos and Taureans: They genuinely want their partner to feel happy. Though they may not always know the best way to go about it, these signs both like to treat each other oh-so-sweetly.

For Taureans like Echard, there’s always been an appreciation for the finer things in life—and they like to indulge their partner, too. Leos are just as determined to make their partners feel good. As much as they like the spotlight on them, they want you to shine, too—and they’ll put in the effort to make that happen.

Though Echard and Evans haven’t revealed a ton of information about their post-show romance, they have given fans a few glimpses into their life together—and it sounds like they’ve found plenty of ways to show their love. “We have a lot of fun together. We do enjoy cooking. We cook a lot,” Evans told People on March 16.We have so much fun, and honestly, I feel like in different ways, we both poke at each other the entire time, and just mess with each other. I do think that's one thing people didn't see so much on the show. We just goof the whole time.”

Fingers crossed that #TeamClaysie defies the astrological odds!


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