14 Reasons You Should Be Chasing After The Heart Of A Runner

by Molly Leidig

Runners sometimes get a bad reputation. As a runner since the age of 10, I've been called everything from crazy to weird, to obsessive. However, dating a runner could be one of the best things to happen to your love life. Sure, we might all be a little bit crazy, but it's a good kind of crazy.

Here are 14 reasons you should date a runner:

1. We're committed.

If you're friends with a runner, I bet on more than one occasion you have seen him or her miraculously wake up at 6 am after a night of drinking to get in a 10-mile run. I guarantee your friend doesn't feel any less hungover than you do, but runners are committed.

If we have a weekly mileage quota that needs to be met, you better believe we will make it happen. The same goes for relationships. If we're dating you, we will be just as committed.

2. We love food (especially carbs).

Don't even lie; people who love food are the best kind of people. Who likes to go on a date with someone who orders a salad with the dressing on the side every single time? Nobody. If you go out to eat with a runner, you better believe you're getting appetizers, a main course and dessert. We have to fuel those miles somehow.

3. We practically live in spandex.

We pretty much own every color and pattern of Nike Pros ever made. We runners spend almost all of our time in spandex because we're either running, just ran or are going to run later. Who doesn't dream to see their SO in tight clothing all the time?

4. We're always down to do something active.

Forget boring dates to the movies. If you're dating a runner, you better be prepared for hiking, rock climbing and various other outdoor activities. We love to be active and outside.

5. We're wild.

Runners are a crazy bunch; I'm not going to deny it. People who will willingly run insane distances for “fun” can't exactly be completely normal. But, I promise we're the best kind of crazy. Date one, and you'll see.

6. We're positive.

Negativity can be horrible in a relationship. Although I'm sure every runner has his or her bad days, we're usually pretty positive, happy people. It must be due to all those endorphins we get from those long runs.

7. We love to have a good time.

I would say our level of intensity with running is directly proportional to how much fun we have at the bar on a Saturday night. Go out with us, and see for yourself.

8. We live longer.

Your SO's health is extremely important in your relationship. Running is linked to decreased heart disease, breast and colon cancer. Who doesn't want a healthy motivator in his or her life?

9. We bring sexy back.

Our endurance is for more than just marathons. Not only do we have endurance between the sheets, but studies have also shown that runners' positive mood, decreased stress and body confidence all lead to a higher sex drive.

10. We'll inspire you to stay in shape.

It's important to bring out the best in each other in a relationship. If you're dating a runner, be prepared to tag along for a few training runs and start taking your own fitness more seriously. It's a win-win situation.

11. We have great backsides.

Runner booty is a real thing. Hitting the pavement for an endless amount of miles builds up a behind that gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

12. We always have snacks.

Never fear about going hungry ever again if you date a runner. You better believe we are armed with a Clif Bar, almonds and various other snacks at all times.

13. We're supportive.

The beautiful thing about running is the depth of our community. It doesn't matter how far or how fast you run in order to call yourself a runner. If you date a runner, he or she will always be supportive of everything you do.

14. We have great taste in music.

How do you think we get through 16-mile runs without our great playlists? If you date a runner, you will never have to worry about a boring gym playlist ever again.

If you've never considered dating a runner, then I hope some of these reasons might convince you to reevaluate. Screw Tinder. Who knows who you'll meet at your next local 5K?