This Is Why It Takes Capricorns Longer Than Everyone Else To Find Love

by Rosey Baker
Hi Rosebud, Are Capricorns prone to being single over other zodiac signs? I've never been in a relationship, and I don't know if it's just because I suck or if there are other people in the same boat. Is it just the stars telling us that we're better off doing our own thing? I was born January 8, 1992, 1:50 pm, Phoenix, AZ. Signed, Why Won't Someone Just Love Me Already?!
Kylah Benes-Trapp

Dear Why Won't Someone Just Love Me Already,

Well, so much for the "cool, calm and collected" reputation of a Capricorn!

First of all, let's keep in perspective the fact that you literally JUST turned 25. You're not going to die alone.

You just haven't met someone who meets your standards, and as a Capricorn, those can be very high.

Capricorns choose partners who are ambitious. In fact, they love to date "up," meaning you like someone who has access to VIPs or who will at least impress the VIPs in your own life.

Adding to your high standards as a Capricorn, you're a Taurus Rising. This makes you incredibly (how do I put this?) stubborn AF.

You're set in your ways, and you want a partner you can show off. You also want someone you can really call your own because people with Taurus Rising are incredibly possessive.

But here's where it gets tough for you.

Your Moon is in Aquarius, meaning inwardly, you are desperately attached to your personal independence and thrilled by the freedom to pick up and do your own damn thing whenever you damn please.

It can be difficult to find a partner when you want complete ownership of them, but you also want to remain a free agent.

It might benefit you to balance these opposing desires and to take stock of what areas you'd be willing to compromise.

The first step toward loving someone else is gaining a greater awareness of yourself, Capricorn.

Once you do find your special someone, your chart suggests that you will make a fantastic partner. You'll be protective, yet lovingly detached when your partner needs you to give them space.

Pretty much anyone would be lucky to have you. You just might have to gain a little more self-awareness first.

And to answer the last part of your question, no, the stars are not telling you anything.

But, your life might be reflecting something you've been telling yourself: For now, perhaps you really are better off alone. Otherwise, you'd be with someone already!

You are the one who designs your own life.

It should be of comfort to you that you cannot possibly die alone, unless, of course, that's what you want.

And if that's what you really, truly want deep down, then there's nothing to worry about!