Why You Can't Stand Watching Couples Making Out In Public (Video)

I have a lot of pet peeves. For example, when I'm introduced to people via email and they say, “Nice to e-meet you.” Or when I ask people for advice and they don't tell me exactly what I want to hear. I hate that. But one of the biggest things that bothers me is PDA.

Public displays of affection. People showing off their happiness in public, bragging about their newfound romance to the rest of the world by shoving their tongue in someone else's mouth. Holding hands is great. A cute kiss on the lips is fine by me.

But once there is tongue involved, I have to draw the line. Nobody wants to see that. Especially single people. Or people who recently went through a breakup. Or someone who is about to tell his date he wants to break up. Or two people who are on a first date and haven't kissed yet and there's that awkward tension in the air.

Guess who wants to watch you slobber all over your flavor-of-the-week, I mean soul mate? No one.

So to all the lovebirds out there: We are happy for you, but please get a room.

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