Suzanne Clements

Guy Reveals Bumble BFF Hack His Wife Is Using To Cheat


When dating apps first started to become popular, I was in a longterm relationship. I'll admit, I was a bit curious as to what was out there.

But the overwhelming guilt I felt for just being curious was enough to prevent me from downloading it.

There was even a time where an ex dumped me, but we were in the tricky situation where we were still hooking up, I drunkenly downloaded Tinder -- and then deleted it after two left swipes because of the soul-crushing guilt.

So, this story of a guy's spouse is totally suspicious to me (that's right, THEY'RE MARRIED, making this a thousand times worse).

JKLaw62 posted on Reddit,

If you were led here because you Googled "how to use Bumble without getting caught," I'm sorry to tell you, you jerk, this is not the way.

He continued,

Honey, no. That is some sneaky shit.

If I can offer any comfort, it's this: There is a BFF feature on Bumble where people try to find friends.

Personally, I wouldn't use a dating app for this, but I did date a girl in my youth who was so lonely she put out a Craigslist ad for friends.

But she showed me exactly what the ad said and everyone who replied to avoid my JEALOUS RAGE. (JK, I would probably just cry or something.)

Your spouse didn't tell you about Bumble for a reason. She wasn't open with you about "wanting to find friends" through the app.

Bumble, which some people call the "Feminist Tinder," only allows women to message men first.

So maybe she is just looking, but I don't trust that hoe.

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