Here's Your Breakup Mantra, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpios, listen up.


We all handle breakups differently. It doesn’t matter the length or the depth of the relationship; it’s crushing when a connection that once held so much hope and excitement falls away and becomes an open source of heartbreak. Once a relationship ends, it’s hard to know how you’ll react. Some people quickly move on while others mourn their exes for months. The aftermath can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. As it turns out, your zodiac sign may hold the answers to these mysterious reactions and all of the nuances that can arise. A breakup mantra customized to your sign can get you through this tough phase.

Each sign will deal with heartbreak with your own special flair — intellectual Aquariuses might detach from the situation entirely and go cold while an optimistic Sagittarius could zip onto their next partner without so much as a look back. Knowing about your sign’s needs can give you much-needed insight to process the breakup and get over your ex with as much ease as possible.

If you’re looking for some guidance, fix your gaze upwards towards the stars. Read on for breakup mantras that will deeply resonate with you based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Sometimes, Change Is A Good Thing

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Out of all of the signs, Aries understands better than most that you can’t change the past but you do have agency about what’s next. Your upbeat, impatient nature makes it easy to embrace change because you see the magic in beginnings and new chapters. Known as one of the most independent zodiac signs, Aries will be quick to confidently move on — but that doesn’t mean you won’t sneak a peek (OK, several lingering looks) at the rearview mirror before you go.

As a fiery Aries, your emotions run high on passion so you won’t be shy about expressing yourself to let it all out. But as soon as you’re done releasing those feels, your courageous nature will help you quickly put the past behind you and enthusiastically jump into the next unknown.

Taurus: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

As a fixed sign, Taurus has an infamous reputation for being a creature of habit. Once you’re into someone, you strongly commit even if it’s no longer serving you. As such, it’s easy to settle into complacency and stay in a relationship way past its expiration date. So when the breakup happens, it’s not just the loss of your person but the loss of routine, stability, and consistency, too — all qualities you deeply value and prioritize in your life.

For a Taurus, a breakup can feel almost like the rug being pulled out underneath your feet. But as soon as the shock wears off, it’s almost second nature for you to get introspective and let time do its thing. Healing and comfort go hand-in-hand for you; it’ll be a slow process of rebuilding your routine and eating ice cream on the couch but you’ll come out feeling stronger and better than before.

Gemini: Fear Is Just Another Word For Excitement

A mutable Air sign, free spirited Geminis are notorious for running headfirst into change. Although breakups can initiate massive changes that may feel uncomfortable, adaptable Geminis roll with the punches and adapt quickly because you intuitively understand love can be fickle. Yes, it’s scary — *gulp* — to move on but you also can’t help but feel intrigued by all of the exciting possibilities that happen when you start over.

While you’re not immune to the heartbreak of a breakup, you move through the healing process faster and smoother than most. You might analyze the relationship endlessly but once you’re done ruminating, you’ll feel ready to flit off to the next thing. After all, the world is your oyster. Why spend time wallowing over your ex when there might be someone better for you out there?

Cancer: Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask Before You Assist Others

Dear, sweet, loving Cancers. As a water sign, you’re deeply rooted in emotion and very comfortable with your sensitive side. A breakup can be doubly painful because you aren’t just feeling your feelings, but your former partner’s as well. This helps you display incredible tact and generosity at the end of a relationship. Once you let someone in, your care for them doesn’t end just because the relationship is over.

Your empathy is a superpower and you will handle the end of a relationship with as much gentleness and kindness as you can muster. Just make sure you take a page out of your own handbook and that you nurture yourself too. Care and consideration is needed on all fronts so you can make it out on the other side.

Leo: Turn The Pain Into Gold

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If you’re born under the sign of Leo, you were born to lead and love — hard. There’s a dramatic, larger-than-life star quality about your personality and how you move in the world. You effortlessly command the room wherever you go and after a breakup, you won’t be shy about letting your feelings take center stage. Yes, your reactions after your breakup might be dramatic and downright theatrical but you don’t mind. You know big feelings will lead you to catharsis.

You naturally understand that feelings need to be felt so you’ll be OK marinating in the intensity of it all precisely so you can bounce back. You might find yourself rebounding with a new fling, going out with your friends for a night on the town, or channeling your feelings into a new hobby. Whatever the case may be, you’re looking for the silver lining to hang your next dream on.

Virgo: New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

A breakup can feel like losing control and as the resident perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgos find it hard to loosen your grip. But once your ex is gone, you’re quick to take an eagle's eye view on the relationship. As an Earth sign, you’re all about logic and hard work. You’ll want to systematically dig into the details and see where things went wrong so you can refine and improve for next time.

The heartbreak will be seen as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and course correct for the future. Out of the signs, you’re acutely aware of the risk of love. It hurts to put yourself out there but your practical, exacting nature means you’ll approach your breakup with thought and intentionality. You’ll feel driven to do things by the book so you’ll be ready for love again when it happens.

Libra: You’ve Loved Before And You’ll Love Again

Libras seek balance. Represented by scales, you actively pursue harmony and aim to move fluidly between relationships and various situations. As a result, the end of a relationship can be jarring if you haven’t had time to weigh out your options properly. It can feel doubly tumultuous if you weren’t the one to initiate the split because you like to mull over everything before making a move. Yet once you’ve had time to recalibrate, you can’t help but project a realistic optimism for what’s ahead. You’re all about order and balance so you know on the other side of heartbreak is acceptance.

Despite the sadness, you’ll make an effort to stay on good terms with your ex and reframe the heartbreak as a needed transition instead of a sad loss. Notorious for representing order and diplomacy, you’ll be interested in staying friends with your former partner and flowing to your next relationship when it feels right.

Scorpio: Stay True To How You Really Feel

Mysterious Scorpios understand breakups can signal radical, intense transformations. As a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, you represent themes around sex, death, and rebirth. Compared to the other zodiac signs, you’re very comfortable with the ebbs and flows of change. Although it’s painful to let go of your ex, you’re aware there’s a higher purpose to the loss.

While you’re able to intellectualize and understand why the breakup had to happen, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings, Scorpio. You’re really good at hiding your emotions but after the breakup, let go of your need to control everything and keep it together. It’s OK to take off your poker face and wallow once in a while.

Sagittarius: Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Come Together

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In the zodiac system, Sagittarius is the final Fire sign and you can tell thanks to your dynamic, bright, and spontaneous energy. As a freedom-loving sign, you’re not interested in holding back from pleasure. After a breakup, you’re quick to acknowledge the sadness while mentally moving onto greener pastures. Life is short and there are so many adventures and potential new loves waiting for you.

Yes, breakups are sad but there’s always a little part of you that resists commitment, anyway. Being able to see the positives in every situation makes it easy for you to aim higher after your breakup. Symbolized by the archer, you’re looking to extract maximum joy out of every situation and target optimism wherever you can. In between all of the good vibes, just don’t forget to mope if you feel a wave of sadness as you’re gallivanting around.

Capricorn: Accept What Is, Let Go Of What Was, And Have Faith In What Will Be

Seen as the workhorse of the zodiac, Capricorns are an Earth sign known for your loyalty, ambition, and determination. Ending a relationship can be painful because it’s likely you’ve invested a lot into your partner. It’s devastating to move on but your industrious nature helps you steer ahead with clarity: you know what you deserve and like the other responsibilities of your life, you’ll handle it with consistency and steadiness.

While you represent patience in spades, it can be hard to turn that back towards yourself and express your feelings. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of delay, you know half the battle of healing is just going through it, so you’ll approach the breakup like your to-do lists; slowly and surely until it’s complete.

Aquarius: It Takes A Village To Heal After A Breakup

Ruled by innovation, humanitarianism, and originality, the quirky Aquarius sign can come off as slightly detached. You see life with an eclectic, progressive outlook which makes you naturally independent and march to the beat of your own drum. Subsequently, you live in your own head and through your own rhythm most of the time. Once a relationship is over, it can be hard to know everything you’re totally feeling since it’s hard to connect to your emotions.

Symbolized by the water bearer, this air sign rules groups and community. Being so attuned to your loved ones makes it easy to have a built-in support system to get you through the breakup. Your friends can tease out your feelings and remind you to stop rationalizing the pain.

Pisces: Closure Doesn’t Exist Except For The Meaning You Give It

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As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents dreamy, ephemeral qualities. You’re intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, and slightly psychic at times. You willingly plunge into the depths of your emotions with natural ease. Endowed with incredible sensitivity, you’re not afraid of sorrow; in fact, you’re intrigued by your feelings in all of their beautiful complexities. However, being so connected to your feelings can leave you processing the breakup way longer than necessary.

After a breakup, things can feel extra unnerving because you’re processing everything on top of what your ex might be going through. As a water sign bound to fantasy, conflict can be especially intense for you. It’s important to shore up your emotional reserves and stay grounded so it doesn’t overwhelm you and you find a path forward. As you’re shifting through your feelings, be sure to apply a high-minded perspective to the breakup to find clarity.

So whether you’re a Taurus methodically going through the paces or a Libra seeking harmony after a heartbreak, there’s something you can glean from the zodiac and each sign’s breakup mantra to find the positives. Remember: The only way out is through. You got this.