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Blake Moynes' Instagram about his breakup with Katie Thurston and how he's coping in the wake of the...

Blake Opened Up About His “Really Tough” Breakup With Katie — I’m Sobbing

His mom’s comment took me out.

ABC/Randy Holmes

It hasn’t been the rosiest week for Blake Moynes. After he shared word of his breakup with Katie Thurston on Instagram on Oct. 25, he’s been relatively quiet on the details of their split. But on Nov. 1, he opened up about how he’s been coping these days. Moynes’ Instagram about his breakup with Thurston — and how he’s been feeling since their public announcement — is genuinely so sad.

Taking to IG, Moynes shared a carousel of photos of himself (along with his mom and some family pets) enjoying the Canadian outdoors. He captioned the post, “When times are really tough and things just aren’t going the way you had hoped... it’s always the same ‘gang’ that gets ya back on your feet.” So sweet! Moynes added, “Feels good to start getting back into the swing of things.”

In the post, he also thanked his supporters on Instagram, who he referred to as his “social fam” in a hashtag. Moynes wrote, “But, as much as I do lean on my human / furr [sic] fam at times like this, I really do have to acknowledge you all, my new found [sic] social family for all the love, support, encouragement and even patience over the past week... Cheers to you, super grateful…fur real.”

Though things might not have ended the way Moynes and Thurston had originally hoped, it looks like they’re both recovering in their own way. Still, that doesn’t mean things have been easy for either of them. On Oct 30, Thurston explained in an IG video, “Obviously, a public relationship ending is a really sh*tty thing to have to navigate.”

And on Nov. 1, his mom, life coach Emily Moynes, replied to his post and shed some light on how her son is feeling. She commented, “Everyone encounters road bumps, it’s called life, it ebbs and flows... I know how hard this past week has been for you, Just keep going... 1 foot in front of the other.” Aw!


Here’s hoping that Moynes takes his mom’s advice and that there are more ups than downs for both him and Thurston as they move forward.