Lesbian memes are hilarious and build community through a shared ability to laugh at ourselves.
20 Lesbian Memes That Are Just Literally Perfect

BRB, booking a U-Haul.

ferrantraite/E+/Getty Images

There has certifiably never been a better time to be a lesbian. Well, except maybe in, like, 5,000 B.C., before they invented Europe, imperialism, and homophobia. Bummer! Fast forward a gazillion years and here you are, during the greatest woman-loving woman renaissance ever recorded, watching a modern-day remake of The L Word, planning Kristen Stewart’s wedding, and sitting around in your underwear giggling at the endless stream of lesbian memes that grace the internet every single day. Never mind that only 14% of Russia’s population thinks homosexuality should be accepted by society according to the latest Pew research — these are the golden ages, baby!

Lesbian memes unite the queer community around a shared purpose: Spreading joy. Instagram’s wildly popular lesbian meme accounts like @godimsuchadyke and @everylesbianandtheirfashion are some of the horniest, most yearning, shameless, and LOL-worthy corners of the app. As an avid follower myself, take it from me: You can hardly go more than a day without scrolling past a thirst trap of Aubrey Plaza or Kehlani, and that’s just how we like it, thank you very much.

For anyone who worships at the altar of Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson, watches Euphoria strictly for the gayest subplots, has ever dated an ex’s ex, or speaks fluent Carol, lesbian memes are like candy. Calling all butches, futches, femmes, tops, bottoms, pillow princesses, and switches — whoever you are, there’s a lesbian meme waiting for you to screenshot and send to your crush. Without further ado, here’s a roundup of 20 pristine lesbian memes.

This Meme For Super Bowl Lesbians

Supportive girlfriends are the real MVPs. Boom. Sports lingo.

This Meme About Suit Lesbians

BRB getting drunk on power (suits).

This Meme For Homebody Lesbians

Queer girls and their cats: a love story.

This Meme For Laura Dern Lesbians

Jurassic Park yourself right here on my lap, Ms. Dern.

This Meme For Scooby Doo Lesbians

See also: Scary Spice.

This Meme For U-Hual Lesbians

With a hint of Orange Is The New Black mixed in for good measure.

This Meme For Kristen Stewart Lesbians

Krisbians watching The Oscars this year: 😭😏💦

This Meme For Euphoria Lesbians

Don’t drag the vet into this!

This Meme For L Word Lesbians

BRB, need to give this series a rewatch.

This Meme For Euphoria/L Word Crossover Lesbians

This meme could not be gayer even if it exploded with rainbow confetti.

This Meme For Emily Dickinson Lesbians

We just love a gal pal.

This Meme For New Age Lesbians

Careful! Those deeply personal observations are sharp!

This Meme For Carol Lesbians

We’ve literally all been there.

This Meme For Rooney Mara Lesbians

Wow, that gender studies class really changed you…

This Meme For Fashion Lesbians

She’s got taste. She’s got class. She’s got fleece.

This Meme For Hailey Kiyoko Lesbians

Flirting is hard, OK?

This Meme For Horny Lesbians

I volunteer as tribute!

This Meme For Killing Eve Lesbians

Get closer to my face, I dare you.

This Meme For Festive Lesbians

Fa la la la la la la la la!

This Meme For CDC Lesbians

Suddenly I want nothing more than to be a law-abiding citizen.

Whatever your mood, media diet, or preferred form of outerwear, there’s a lesbian meme out there with your name on it. Go forth and cackle your gay little heart out.