5 Reasons You Should Befriend The Girl Whose Heart Your Ex Also Broke

It has been a while since I last wrote an article. I thought I was running out of inspiration or things to write about. That is, until I read a trending topics email from Elite Daily. It had something to do with "what it feels like to meet your ex's new partner."

I started asking myself what meeting my exes' new girlfriends felt like. I'd always say mean things about them to my friends prior to knowing them. I would even stalk their Facebook accounts, just to see if they were better than I was.

But for the most part, I always tried to see if I could get a chance to meet them personally. That way, I would be able to finally get to know them and stop judging them. I mean, who am I to judge, right?

Maybe I'm just being bitter. I began wondering what it would be like to be friends with my f*ckboy ex's ex.

Here are five reasons you should befriend your ex's ex-girlfriend:

1. You'll make a new friend out of her.

Meeting your f*ckboy's ex could be fascinating once you realize you two have been treated the same way. You get to share your experiences.

When you become friends with your ex's ex, chances are, you'll make a new best friend. One woman shared her experience about being so heartbroken, a friend recommended that she meet her ex's ex. This actually helped her feel better.

The confession said,

After she answered the phone for the first time, I had my first moment of sanity since the breakup. Talking to her has helped me so much because she was someone who could listen to what I had to say, look me in the eye and say, “Honey, you're not crazy.” Hearing that your feelings and confusions are completely legitimate is by far the best feeling in the world, and it's even better to hear it from someone who's conquered your struggles. My ex's ex is now someone I can call a close friend.

There's nothing wrong with being friends with your ex's ex. Often times, if you two can relate to one another about things other than your ex, you suddenly have a shoulder to cry on if you ever get your heart broken by the same kind of douchebag again. More so, you even have someone to share your idiosyncrasies with.

2. You'll learn from her experiences.

It feels so awkward hitting up your ex's ex. But once you try talking to her despite the awkwardness, you realize how much less of a man your ex is.

When your ex's ex starts to tell you her story, there's no reason you won't experience the same bad feeling you had when your ex did the same thing to you. Aside from feeling sorry for the woman he ditched, you also learn to never fall back into his arms. You realize going back to him is the worst idea ever.

3. You'll realize he isn't as good as you think he is.

Ever felt like your ex was the most amazing person you'd ever met? Yeah, right. Talk about ditching and playing you.

When you become friends with your f*ckboy ex's ex, you realize he wasn't just doing things for you. There were many of you. You realize the way you were treated wasn't that special.

4. You'll realize you really are better off without him.

When you get to know his ex's backstories, you'll realize leaving him was the best thing you could have ever done for yourself. I mean, he hurt the both of you.

I understand you still love him, but you're blinded by his idea of “love." If you kept hearing repetitive testimonies from his ex, wouldn't you think twice before going back to him?

5. You'll learn from each other.

Being able to learn from each other is actually the best part of being friends with your ex's ex. You won't just learn things thanks to the fact you dated the same guy. You will learn things through one another's life experiences.

Unless that f*ckboy fixes himself, he will always break and destroy women's hearts. He can't find out why he's broken, so he'll keep using women to dull the pain. Then, he'll ruin their outlooks on love in the cruelest way.

If you do become the woman who can fix him, however, show him he's worthy of another chance. Show him the true essence of love, and explain what it's like to love and be loved. It isn't too late. I always believe that if you're still waking up to a sunrise, there is a chance for a new beginning.

But, you should never sacrifice yourself or your own feelings for the guy who chooses to remain a f*ckboy.