This Artist Couple's Intertwined Work And Love Life Is #RelationshipGoals

There are few things more genuine than two people in love. Artists have tried to depict the purity of the elusive feeling for centuries. The greatest works of art known to mankind have been done in the image of it.

So what happens when two artists fall in love? Some damn good art, that's what.

Very rarely do we come across couples who are as unique and genuine as the work they produce. Dabs and Myla are proof that love doesn’t just exist, but transcends through everything.

In the case of this quirky Australian couple, their art is not just their livelihood, but their life.

While you may not have heard of the couple, you’ve definitely seen their work. The large scale representation of their style -- street art meets fine painting -- catapulted the couple onto the American stage, and they designed the set for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

Originally from Melbourne, the couple told me about their journey and exactly how they landed on such a unique style. In artistic fashion, they were actually two separate artists until one acid-filled night when they started to paint together and collaborate on styles.

Their art is worthy of all the attention in the world, but I was more interested in how this couple has made working together work for them.

Friends for 10 years and married for five, they say they fall more in love with each and every day. Even more impressive, in the 10 years they’ve been a couple, they have never been apart for more than 10 hours. They travel together, work together and succeed together.

“Myla is a more traditional fine painter, and I was doing street art,” Dabs told me. "The artwork we were making 10 years ago was much more of a defined, 'this is my artwork; this is yours.' You could see whose was whose. But after we got married, over time, as we got closer, so did the work."

Their art is the perfect representation of everything a couple aspires to be. It’s two distinct styles that mold into a greater force. It’s the embodiment of their idyllic relationship.

I asked them to give advice on exactly how they make their relationship and their art work together so well.

Share all your experiences

Set goals and accomplish them together

Trust each other first

It's not just about loving each other, but admiring each other

Teach each other

Communication is the building block to success

Have passion outside of your love

Always be honest with each other...even if it hurts