An Open Letter To The Guy Who Only Cares About Himself

by Unwritten

Dear You,

We haven't spoken to each other since you left me heartbroken that evening one year ago.

I still remember all those weeks mourning over you — those dark times when I've struggled to move on.

I remember the times when I hated everything that reminds me about you.

You didn't even try to make the situation better for both of us. I haven't heard about you since, and that's OK because I just want you to know, right now, I have made it through.

It is actually surprising I can go this far without you because once I actually believed I would be so destroyed if you left me. But it turns out, everything is going well right now.

I no longer remember you as somebody who makes my heart hurt.

I no longer remember you whenever I hear those sad songs.

I no longer feel the hatred whenever I see something that reminds me of you.

But I don't want to you feel guilty, ashamed or deny the things you've done to me. Instead, I thank you.

I know this is so cliché, but the truth is, since you've left, I've changed a lot.

Your illusions toward me, those lies, broken promises and your poisonous charming attitude have made me realize people are more than meets the eye.

Right now, I no longer am easily amazed by people's demeanor, achievements, good looks or sweet words. I trust their imperfections instead.

I have realized flaws are actually the only things that can be signs of honesty and generosity within human beings. Humans are designed to be vulnerable and insecure, and those things are actually what makes us more human than ever.

You've tried so hard to hide your insecurities, yet you didn't realize you hurt so many hearts without your concern. I don't want to praise the perfection that you showed me once, because right now, I adore honesty more than artificial things.

I also learned from you this world is actually not always about ourselves.

Your personality in which you always put yourself before others has made me realize the importance of empathy toward the people in my life.

Now, I understand that the true value of living is about giving, and now, I'm still trying to develop self-love without forgetting others.

Since you've left, I also learned that love should be effortless and cause no pain; love shouldn't feel like a trap.

You played the game so perfectly, yet I didn't notice that my heart was your bet.

Right now, I know love shouldn't be that confusing because love is actually a simple thing.

I'm done chasing the uncertainty; I no longer chase the love that feels on and off, because actually, love means persistence.

The lessons I've learned from you are too many to write.

Now, I am a survivor and I know I can stand up again every time life brings me down to my knees.

I've never regretted the fact I've met a person like you; I met you at exactly the right time to be a lesson for me to find “the one.”

Without you, I wouldn't have realized countless valuable things in my life and I wouldn't have learned that saving myself from an emotional abuse is highly important.

Promise me you won't break another heart.

Please, just please, learn to love your own flaws — it is the only way for you to give love to others.

I hope someday you understand the importance of empathy so you can love others, simply because at the end of the day, love is the only thing that matters.

This article originally appeared on Unwritten