Adele's quotes about her ex-husband and their current relationship are so honest.

Adele Revealed How She Feels About Her Ex-Husband After Their Divorce

Go easy on me! My heart.


There’s something about an Oprah interview that inspires celebrities to get a little more candid, and Adele is no exception. (I mean, if you can’t open up to Oprah, who can you open up to?) On Nov. 14, during CBS’s Adele One Night Only, the “Easy On Me” singer was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and she used the opportunity to get honest about her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. Her quotes about their relationship post-divorce are very telling.

Though Adele is probably best known for her heartbreak ballads, it seems like her current relationship with Konecki is civil. During her conversation with Oprah, Adele revealed that she thinks of her ex and their son Angelo as “angels sent to me,” and she’s grateful for their timing in her life.

“I think Simon probably saved my life, to be honest with you. He came at such a moment, where the stability that him and Angelo have given me, no one else would ever have been able to give me,” Adele explained, per Page Six. (Adele and Konecki started dating in 2011, the same year she released 21, an album that brought her to a whole new level of fame. The couple welcomed Angelo in 2012.)


Adele credited her ex-husband and son for keeping her grounded throughout that period of her life. “Especially at that time, I was so young and I just, I think I would have got a bit lost in all of it,” she added to Winfrey. “I could have easily gone down some dodgy paths, you know? And sort of self-destructed from being overwhelmed by all of it.”

Konecki, however, kept things “stable.” Adele continued, “He came in and was stable. The most stable person I’ve ever had in my life up until that point. Even now, I trust him with my life.”

But their close bond potentially made explaining their divorce to their son even more challenging. Adele added, “Trying to explain to a 6-year-old, ‘I do love [your dad], I’m not in love with him,’ it makes absolutely no sense to a 6-year-old,” she said. (Adele and Konecki first split up in 2019, when Angelo was 6, though their divorce was only finalized in 2021.) “So there were so many answers I just couldn’t give him ’cause there aren’t any really. Like, you know, that he would understand.”

Fortunately, in the years since then, it sounds like Adele, her ex, and their son have learned the best ways to move forward. And if they ever get stuck, re-watching this Oprah interview is always a good idea.