Aaron Rodgers apologized to Shailene Woodley for his COVID controversy.

Aaron Rodgers Apologized To Shailene Woodley For His COVID Controversy

Four months later…

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Despite rumors of a breakup, Aaron Rodgers is still talking about Shailene Woodley. On Feb. 21, the Green Bay Packers quarterback took to Instagram to profess his love for his (maybe) ex, writing, “I love you and am grateful for you.” The next day, he brought Woodley’s name up again during an interview with The Pat McAfee Show. This time, Rodgers apologized to Woodley for his COVID controversy.

“One thing that I am sad about and definitely apologetic is I didn’t realize in the midst of the COVID conversations how much my situation was affecting my loved ones and my people,” he said on Feb. 22, per Us Weekly. ICYMI, Rodgers infamously claimed to be “immunized” against the virus though he had not received any vaccines, but opted instead for a homeopathic treatment. He tested positive for the virus in Nov. 2021.

“I didn’t realize the kind of shrapnel that was being flaked off of what I felt like were the bullets coming at me because I was too locked in on me and defending myself and trying to get a message out,” he said. (Of course, in this comparison, Rodgers is the victim under attack — not the essential workers, healthcare workers, immunocompromised people, and other high-risk individuals. But I digress.)


During his ~apology~, Rodgers gave a special shoutout to Woodley, as well. “I am very sorry to those people, Shai and my loved ones,” he added. “Understanding kind of the entire gravity of the situation I was thrust into and decided to speak on multiple times had an effect on a lot of people. To those people, I just say, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Rodgers added, “I never wanted to be divisive in this whole thing, I really didn’t. The issue is polarizing, I get that, and I know there’s a lot of fear involved around that, but my intention was never to be divisive.”

It’s still unclear if Woodley will accept his apology (she hasn’t liked any of his recent IG posts, but she hasn’t unfollowed him, either), but it definitely seems like the timing of his “sorry” has something to do with the breakup speculation.