8 Telltale Signs Your Boyfriend Is Definitely Cheating On You

No girl wants to believe the man she loves could be cheating on her. However, early detection signs can save your heart and health a lot of trouble.

Here are eight telltale signs that your boyfriend isn’t the monogamous prince you thought he was:

1. He has blocks on social media.

If your boyfriend has blocks on social media, he’s hiding something, and usually, it’s another women.

If you post a photo on Facebook, or other social media site, and tag him and it appears on his page, but none of his friends like or comment on the photo, he has blocked his world from your existence.

Or, if other women are writing on his page, yet you can’t see what they write, he has strategically blocked you from this line of communication. The blocks are in place so you don’t find out about the other woman or women in his life.

2. He’s overprotective with his phone.

If your boyfriend is overprotective with his phone, he’s probably hiding something from you, and most likely, it’s because he’s engaging in inappropriate communication with other women.

If he strategically angles his handheld device away from you so you can’t see the person with whom he’s communicating, that’s a red flag.

Also, be suspicious if he doesn’t answer certain phone calls in front of you or if he turns his phone on silent at night.

If your boyfriend has nothing – or no one, for that matter – to hide, there’s no reason he should be secretive with his phone.

3. His house is out of place.

When you bust your boyfriend for cheating on you, it won't necessarily go down like a dramatic scene from a movie. If he’s not a total dumbass, you won’t find another woman’s thong in his bed.

However, if his house appears to be out of order, it could mean another woman is at his place and the two of them probably weren’t just watching football.

If you go over to his house and notice something as subtle as a glass on the nightstand on your side of his bed that you never left there, it could be a sign someone else slept in his bed.

Or, maybe, the day after he told you he had “the guys” over the night before, you discover every CD in his stereo from "guys night" is chick music, like Adele, Florence and the Machine and Norah Jones. No straight dude invites the guys over and rocks that kind of music all night.

Perhaps, he’s out of condoms and the last time you were over, he had a full pack. Sometimes, the smallest clues are the biggest indicators.

4. People close to him have no idea you’re his girlfriend.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, he will downplay your relationship to everyone, including his close friends and family members.

If you go out with your boyfriend and he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend, or if people close to him appear to have no idea you’re in a serious relationship, he’s most likely cheating.

A faithful boyfriend would never hide you. He will be excited and eager to introduce you and brag about you to the people he cares about most.

5. He only posts selfies when you’re out together.

If the only photos your boyfriend posts when you’re together are just of him, “Houston, we have a problem!”

If you go on vacations and dates with your boyfriend, but his social media presence reflects he's either alone or out with his buddies, there's a reason for that.

Most likely, he wants the other women in his life to think he’s single, not know you exist or both. If he’s totally devoted to you, he will proudly post pictures of you on social media and not think twice before clicking the upload button.

6. He gives you gifts for no reason.

A good boyfriend doesn’t need a holiday to give you something special.

However, some bad boyfriends only do nice things for their girlfriends when they are guilty. Before you smell the two dozen roses he’s sent you, make sure his tail isn’t between his legs.

7. He doesn’t want to have sex.

Assuming your boyfriend doesn’t have any performance issues, if he denies you sex, the likelihood is small that there is a reasonable explanation, except that he’s cheating on you.

No guy refuses sex, ever, unless he just got off. Period.

8. He has cantaloupe-sized swollen balls.

This is not a joke. If you come home and find your boyfriend’s balls the size of cantaloupes, or if you find sores in that area, you could potentially have a problem that’s way worse than a cheating boyfriend.

Not only is your boyfriend probably cheating, but he also potentially has an STD.

If he tries to blame his swollen balls on a pinched nerve or claim his sores are from ingrown hairs, there’s a good chance your relationship with him will leave you with a very unwanted souvenir.

Trust me on this one -- just run! You can thank me later.