8 Reasons Being In A Serious Relationship Might Beat Being Single

by Paul Hudson

Summer is right around the corner and, as I am sure you know, summer tends to be less of a dating season and more of a mating season.

With all the skin being shown, you really can’t blame people for wanting to sleep with the general population – we’re only animals. However, summer or not, there are always great reasons to be in a serious relationship.

Of course, whether or not you are ready for one is a different story. If you can’t wait to slut it up from June to August then you probably don’t have the needed mentality to make a relationship work quite yet and should instead stock up on condoms.

Now that I did my part reminding you to slut it up safely, here are eight reasons being in a serious relationship can be incredibly beneficial:

1. Having someone to talk to who actually cares about what you have to say is priceless.

Sometimes we want nothing more than to be alone – and when that’s the case having a boyfriend or girlfriend can make life seem suffocating.

That is, until we get lonely, until life gets difficult and we have to speak our minds to someone we can trust – someone who is actually willing to listen.

Having a person in your life willing to listen and, more importantly, care about the things that you have to say, the things that are going on in your life and in your head is not something that can be easily substituted.

2. The sex is convenient.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Convenient sex is boring sex. But it doesn’t have to be. Having to go out, work and pay for sex does not make sex better or any more enjoyable.

I used to think so… until my life got busy to the point where I began to realize the benefits of having a woman that didn’t require three hours of wining and dining to convince to get into bed with you.

This isn’t to say that wining and dining should be out of the picture once you get into a serious relationship, but if you want loving several times a week you’ll end up spending 24 hours just trying to get laid and only a few hours actually enjoying it. Very inefficient.

3. The sex is better.

You read right: more convenient and better. What more could you possibly ask for? The longer your relationship, the stronger your bond, the more comfortable you get with each other and the more kinky you can get without worrying that the other person will judge you.

Sex is an art – the more you practice with the same form, or in this case the same person, the better work you produce.

Stop hopping from one canvas to another and perfect your art with someone worth perfecting it with.

4. Relationships take practice and the only way to practice is to actually be in one.

Like sex, the relationship itself needs to be practiced. Human beings aren’t naturally meant to stay loyal to one individual their whole lives – we haven’t evolved that far quite yet.

Most people feel the need to jump from one relationship to the other without working on what they’ve already got.

Here’s a little secret for you: there is no such thing as an easy relationship. Relationships, like loving, take work and dedication. Nothing with worth comes easy and relationships certainly don’t either.

5. Life is more fun when you have a loved one to share it with.

All we have in life are the experiences that we live and the memories that they make. Take a quick gander on your most memorable moments in your life.

What do they all have in common? People. It’s very difficult to have fun on your own – at least indefinitely.

People make life entertaining; the better we know and the more we love those that we spend time with, the more memorable life’s moments become.

6. There’s no substitute for having someone willing to take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself.

We get sick. We get sad. We get moody. Sh*t happens and we can’t always help ourselves – that’s just the way that life is.

Having someone whom you really care about and who really cares about you makes the more difficult times in life a bit easier. Who else will bring you chicken soup when you need it?

7. Special occasions give life more meaning.

You could live through your entire life without giving any days, any moments any significant meaning other than "just another day of your life."

Having a serious relationship allows you the gift of putting extra emphasis on the littlest of things that would otherwise have never mattered to you.

This only adds to your memories, adds to your level of joy, and adds to your life. Sure, you could have anniversaries and whatnot on your own… but that would be weird.

8. It’s easier to accomplish your goals when you have a teammate fighting the uphill battle alongside you.

The more passionate and driven you are, the more difficult your life will be – that’s just a fact of life, so accept it. The higher you aim, the more people will try to hold you down, and the more likely you are to fall.

Having a partner there to support you and hold you up when you no longer have the strength to hold on yourself could very well be the difference between you realizing your dreams and you missing your chance. Relationships are partnerships. When one wins, the team wins.

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