The 7 Wingman Rules For Success

by Angelo Gage

Every single man needs a great wingman.  If you are going out to mingle with and hopefully pick up some lovely ladies, wouldn't it be in your best interest to make sure you go out with guys who are on the same page as yourself? Of course it is.

And I would advise you to start going out  with people who know more about women than you do; otherwise, how else will you ever learn which methods of attraction have proven to be most efficient and reliable? But for now, I have put together 7 wingman rules that will help you and your friends experience more success not just individually, but as a whole as well.

Each guy has their own way of doing things, but in the end, the goal is the same: get the girl. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find a guy that makes a great wingman because most men are utterly clueless when it comes to how to pick up girls. In my prime of "gaming", I had two friends who I basically "trained" to become more successful with women and from then on, we were always on the same page, looking out for each other and making sure we were always having a good time.

They're open mindedness and willingness to learn made going out 100x more fun. However, neither of my friends were the shy type, and they each had the ability to hold their own. No one is going to hold your hand during the entire process of seduction and eventually you will have to break apart from your wingman to prove to yourself that you can in fact execute everything you have learned at will.

Guys who don't understand the game and expect you to do all the work will only bring you down. If you plan on going out to meet women, these are the kind of guys you don't want to be around.

The most attractive thing about a team of guys is their energy as they work together. Too many times I see friends turn into rabid dogs and try to beat each other to a girl. This does many things: One it shows the girl you don't even value your own friends, and two, it shows how pathetic you are since you will cross your own wingman to get her. No self-respecting woman will stand for this, and trust me, they will notice it every time.

The teamwork behind the wingman game is simple; it is to make the prospective women comfortable and to ensure that you allow the process of natural selection to take place. Even though you may have your eye set on a certain girl, you may find out later in the interaction that your friend and her actually connect better than you do, and you and her girlfriend are a better match as well.

This may happen sometimes and when it does, let it be. It is the guys who have the big selfish egos that screw it up for everyone because they can't accept the fact a girl may like their friend better. Please do yourself a favor and do not take a guy like this on your mission; he will only bring you down and ruin everything with his insecurities and quest to dominate you to prove he is the man when he obviously is not.

Below, I have come up with a few wingman rules that will make sure you have an exceptional night and make picking up chicks fun, rather a lot than harder than it has to be. Follow these guidelines and you will experience more success with women thanks to your newly informed your wingman.

The 7 Wingman rules:

1.) Do not team up with guys who are not on your level: going out with guys who just don't get it will only make things more complicated.

If they are clueless about women, they will make you look bad and most likely creep girls out. If you are doing well with the girl you are talking to, but your wingman sucks, he is going to ruin it for everyone. I never go out with people who aren't on the same level as me unless I'm actually showing someone the ropes or I don't care to meet women that night.

Also, try to go out with men who are at least as good looking or more attractive than you. I know it sounds harsh but it is true. If you're the only attractive  guy in the group, girls will compete against each other to get you, and what happens is, they will cock-block each other or destroy the interaction so no one wins. If you roll with a group of attractive men who know what they are doing, you are a force to be reckoned with, and when you each work your appeal together, everyone wins.

2.) Do not team up with jealous insecure men:

These guys will make sure you fail if you are getting along with your girl and they are not. They will make sure no one wins because they are so self-centered and jealous that they rather ruin everything than accept defeat.

If your wingman is super insecure, the girls will sense it and will lose interest immediately. He will most likely say creepy, inappropriate things in order to gain her acceptance and she will signal to her girl that it's time to go. Also, if you roll with insecure men, this reflects on you, because it implies that you support such pathetic behavior and thus you must be insecure yourself.

3.) The guy who approaches the women gets first pick:

If you start the interaction then you get  first  "dibs" on the girl of  your choice. Why? Because since you are the one who made the first move out of your group, you automatically have assumed the leadership role and are perceived as the alpha male.

After your wingman is introduced, the interaction will begin to unfold. If the dynamics of the interaction show that your girl likes him better for whatever reason, then as a real wingman, you will help your boy get her and you can talk to her friend in return.  But unless that happens, you have the "right of way" for the girl you want and your wingman should not sabotage that rule if you want to work together.

4.) Never put your wingman down:

Always take his side against any female "bitch" attacks. If you fail to do so, you show that you clearly do not value your friend's feelings, and no girl can respect a guy who is so pathetic that he would allow his friend to be mistreated.

Sometimes women will purposely reject you or your friend to see if you guys are who you claim to be. If you don't back each other up, you show that you aren't even real friends, so why should she believe anything you have to say?

She won't and you will fail. Back up your man at all costs, even if it means losing the interaction. Besides, in situations of this nature, I have seen women who we thought we weren't going to talk to again come over and apologize for being a jerk later on in the night with some stupid excuse to rekindle the interaction. The reason for this is because you stood your ground against her shenanigans and proved you and your friend are real men.

5.) Always talk your wingman up:

Never brag or talk about yourself; let your wingman do the talking. That is his job, as is yours to make him look good as well. For example, I walk up to my wingman and he says, " Oh hey girls, this is my very handsome friend Angelo, he loves helping people with their problems so if you have any, he can be your personal psychologist; just try not to get too crazy on him.

He also is a writer for Elite Daily and his articles are amazing, he writes some funny shit"... Now what does this do? It shows that I am of higher value, I help people, I am smart,  I know how to communicate, and I am a leader. All this is implied without being said. And guess what? It also becomes a topic of conversation.

Doing this allows your value to be displayed and doing the same for your wingman will work wonders. You guys will seem better friends and the women will adore you for it. Remember to keep it funny and playful, and even bust each other's balls to show your sense of humor and connection.

6.) Combine forces:

You and your wingman should work always together, just like playing good cop bad cop. Each of you will have different strengths and weakness that will help guide the interaction. One of you may be the better speaker while the other may have the better stories.

Work together to make magic happen. You must bounce your energies off each other in a playful and funny way. Avoid making the interaction from going stale by taking turns leading it. Keep the women on their feet and allow things to flow naturally between you. The second you start working against each other, things will begin to collapse. Remember, united you stand, divided you fall.

7.) Keep each other motivated:

Sometimes one of you will get rejected or just be in a bad mood for one reason or another. It is the job of your wingman to keep your spirits high and provide a fun atmosphere at all times. If all things fail, at least you two can have a great time doing silly things. I remember one night in Iowa, after returning from the Marine Corps, I went to visit my fellow marine, Ben.

The bar we went to was okay but no women caught our eye. Instead of calling it a night, we walked around and any girl that came our way, regardless of what she looked like or who she was, we stopped them in their tracks, with our arms straight out (stop sign gesture) and said, " are..... a bad ass..... BITCH",  quickly followed by the gayest gesture we can possibly think of.

It was so childish and stupid, yet all the girls loved it because they sensed our confidence and humor. We became the party that night and in fact, got the most attention from everyone without even caring. Make the best of your time by keeping each other happy, no matter what kind of environment you find yourself in.

Follow these rules and I guarantee you will have m0re fun with your buddies when you're all out on the prowl together. If you are on the hunt for women, it's always best to roll with the strongest wolf pack. I hate to use the wolf pack or hunting analogy but let's face it, men don't go out to compare clothing and dance.

If you find that any of your friends are holding you back from meeting the type of women you want, then drop their candy asses and find new ones who are capable. If you want to win in any team sport, the first step is to have a great team. If your team sucks, you're probably going to lose.  Stop being part of a losing team and start playing with one that has the highest chance of winning at all times.

Angelo John Gage | Elite.

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